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Are you a stay at home parent, a college student, retired or disabled and wish to earn an income from home? Do you already work full or part time and would just like to supplement your income? If so, we're here to help!

We are looking for people who desire to increase their income right in the comfort of their homes. We need compilers to secure and type our exclusive mailing lists. This is the position we would like to offer you!

You can live ANYWHERE in the world, and as long as you have Internet access, you can earn money with! Our company is committed to the success of our compilers, so we do our very best to support you in every way possible.

When you sign up with you receive access to the Virtual Office. Inside the Virtual Office you will find your own Key Tappers website with a built in second business to earn you extra income. The Virtual Office has everything you'll need from sample ads, headlines, business tips, sample reply emails, free ebook and program downloads and much much more - ALL the tools you will need for your success!

When your responses start flowing in, all you have to do is submit them for your pay - easy! You will receive $5.00 for each and every name and address you compile and type through Paypal and You are paid $4 for each and every name and address you compile through our company credit card link and the US Mail!


Working with gives you the freedom to stay home and choose your own hours. If you are a parent with children, this type of work is very beneficial. It allows you to be a "stay at home parent". College students can work around study and class hours, picking their best time for work. If you are disabled, already have a job or are retired, this position will allow you to supplement your current income. These are only a couple of the "Work At Home" advantages of KeyTappers, I am sure you can think of even more!

Oh Yes!.....Let's not forget the MONEY!!!!! Put Simply,.. The more time you are able put into your job, the more income you will make. You are the only one who can place a limit on your earnings with!

So, if you would like to join, and begin making money, simply send the application along with a small ($8.00 ) ONE-TIME ONLY start up fee. The ONE-TIME fee is for registration, and to pay the commission to the Key Tapper who referred you!

Upon completion of your registration process, your information and materials will immediately be emailed to you.

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Follow our application instructions and apply online or mail your application to us! It's that simple! So, don't hesitate... get your application in today!