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Based in your water quality.

An indispensable software to know and determine which kind of food are you offering to your plants.


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           Designing a nutricious solution for hydroponics use is not an easy task. To do that it is necessary to combine the action of different chemicals. Each one of them will give their constitutive ions to the final solution. The proportion between elements required by plants to grow and their allowed corresponding concentration for each one of these ions also plays an important role in this scheme. Besides, a lot of different kinds of salts could be used, all of them with several available purity degree. Few more things require a certain level of technical knowledge. Consideration of all these points configurates this complicated task.

           Therefore  it should be realizad that to be as close as posible to an effective and determined hydroponics final formula, chemical-mathematical calculations are not easy to perform by common people.

           In the past, to establish their formulations, hydroponic historical researchers have worked using manual calculations. Alter that, many trial and error tests were necessary to make in order to polish the calculated formula and reach its final objectives.

              Recently, during the previous years, a few intents to automatize these complex calculations appeared. Vitaran HC’s autor has found only one or two softwares in CD formate and another two or three in Excel sheets. Of course, it is logical to think that there could be some more ways to make these calculations from people having their own method without publishing or commercializing it, but new production of these calculators is scarce at the beginning of the XXI Century.

           Vitaran HC is a hydroponics formula calculador. It is very complete and simple to use. It is the first one to stress the importante of the available water as a first step in getting a further good balanced hydroponics formula.

           Water available is highly important. Hydroponics formulation have been developed by researchers all over the the whole World. All of them worked using different water qualities, no one the same than the other. Of course, their formula cannot work with same results using different water as they had. Many amateurs experiment problems using a good formula with their own available water and their failed in hydroponics without knowing why.

           Many times the answer is very simple: the water available is not apt for selected formula.

           Consequently Vitaran HC works with water as a previous step to design an appropriate formula. Thus, it eliminates starting errors.

           This Vitaran HC software is a good starting point for success in hydroponics.

Something about water

Water is the main and fundamental component of a nutricious solution. The other chemicals in it could be considered only as additives.

However, water recognized as such, is not one kind: there are as many waters as extraction places can be imagined in the whole World. Sea water, stream water, well water, etc. are some names water has, all of them according to their origin. But this is not enough to consider them as a unique substances. There are as many well waters, stream waters and sea waters as there are wells, streams and seas.

Considering that all these waters can dissolve other substances during their running on the time, of course changing the transported solution composition, quality equation is absolutely infinite.

In Nature, pure water practically does not exist. To get pure water at liquid state it is necessary to extract from the available water  all solubles it contains. Distillation is one of the methods to make it.

Hydroponics could be practiced with many water types. Total purity is not required. But it should be very well understood that other kinds of waters should be previously treated before being used.

Besides that there are some waters that maybe does not require a previous purification procedure but only they could be used if a special formula is prepared for each one of them.

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