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perfection. attitude. eccentricity. image- angelina jolie.

wings (christopher myers)

we always want wings. to carry us away. far far away from all the miseries. from the harsh realities of our life. to escape and fly to heaven. a place without worries. to fully live out our dreams and ambitions. without the fear of reprecussions. examine this painting. the black boy flys away with his new white, "innoncent" wings from the projects. his one tear is not of grief but of joy. to leave from the cold, devastating facts of life.

cathedral with illuminations

the blue light. illuminates the building. brining out of darkness. a place of religious worship. the current society criticizes such a building. they claim that it drives people away from reason and logic. yet, i wonder how such an amazing scene can be attacked by people. like everything else in the world, religion can be a destructive force. but for the most part, it is not. unlike logic which creates identical robotic individuals, religion injects a dynamic set of emotions into us. because of this, we are truly individuals.

spain pictures taken by john rhee.