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This is the destination page for my Sinclair and Timex hardware and software projects.  Many of these projects were started and most were unfinished many years ago.  I've since rekindled my interest in retro-computing and have resolved to finish those projects and publish them here, though at a snail's pace since real life demands the majority of my time.



These pages document v2.2 of the library only
v3.0 Release May 1, 2006
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NOTE:  SPLIB is not machine-specific to the Sinclair Spectrum.  Much of its contents can be used on any Z80 machine.  This would include things like the dynamic block memory allocator, linked list data type, im 2 interrupt support, etc.  The only machine specific modules in SPLIB are the sprite module and the input module.  If you would like to try porting these modules to another platform, I would be happy to help.  You can contact me via the Z88DK mailing list.
A machine code software library for the TS2068, Spectrum and their clones that contains support for animated sprites, im 2 interrupts, reading the keyboard / joysticks / mice, computing rectangle / interval / point intersections, dynamic block memory allocation, data compression and several ADTs such as linked list, heap and hash table.  It was initially aimed toward writing games but it can greatly help in quickly developing any kind of application.  SP is continuing to evolve with current modules being developed to support sound effects & music and a GUI API.  As usual, documentation is lagging development but you can check out a work-in-progress tutorial for an idea of how things are done.

SP is written as a Z88DK library, meaning all its functionality is available from either Z80 assembler or C through the excellent Z88DK Small C+ Compiler.  That's right, you can develop software for your machine in C!  Grab a copy of Z88DK for your PC, download Sprite Pack and away you go.  I have made an introduction to Z88DK available but if you need further help getting started don't hesitate asking in news:comp.sys.sinclair or in the z88dk users mailing list.

Sprite Pack comes with complete source, a DOS batch file for compiling the library and several precompiled libraries.  SP can be customized prior to library compilation by editing the "SPconfig.def" file in the main directory.  Follow the instructions in the included readme file to install SP or read the installation instructions here.


I found these while clearing out a small storage locker.  TS2068 software can be emulated on Fuse (Mac/Unix), Warajevo (DOS), Muiltimachine (Win32) and MESS (various) emulators.   Warajevo is the only emulator that I know for sure handles TS2068 joysticks; Fuse might as well.

Click on the images to download.
Byte Power was a monthly magazine published on cassette (or Larken disk) that featured many quality programs.  It ran for a number of years, though I couldn't tell you how many.  This is the February 1988 issue.  The introduction features AY music and must be run on a TS2068 emulator.  The other programs might run on a Spectrum as well.  I spoke to one of the Boisvert brothers years ago and got permission to put this tape on the internet.  I wish I had more....
I believe Cyberzone appeared first on the TS2068 and then migrated to the Spectrum.  The TS2068 version looks more "complete" than the Spectrum version on WOS.  The sound effects are done on the AY chip, there is a loading screen and a better menu page.  The same sound effects that are found in the TS version also made it to the Spectrum's beeper.

Control is available via TS2068 joystick with the second player able to control the dive bomber.  I don't see any mention of that in reviews of the Spectrum edition.

Apologies for the large download -- I included scans of the instructionsss and box art.

A fairly direct port of the Spectrum game.  The only difference is the addition of TS2068 joystick support.

Once again a large download because of scans of the artwork and instruction pamphlet.

MSCRIPT 1.0.   One of the most popular word processors available on the TS2068.  It works in the 512x192 mode, giving a true "large font" 64x24 text resolution.  This program was also released for the IBM PC way back when.  It came with a large instruction booklet which I no longer have (I sold my copy when I moved on to the PC platform).

MSCRIPT was further developed by a third party, going as far as version 5.5 I believe.

This program also appears to work on the TC2048, meaning it can run on vbSpec or Fuse.

TechDraw Jr.
Tech Draw was originally written to work with a graphics tablet sold by Zebra Systems.  This junior version was sold separately without the graphics tablet features.  TS2068 joysticks are required.
Timex Sinclair 2000 Bundled Software
The Spectrum had the Horizons tape, we got this tape bundled with our new 2068s.
Zeal Disassembler
A disassembler I used on occasion.  I preferred assembling things to disassembling so I never became too familiar with it.
AERCO Centronics Printer Interface Driver
Fairware printer driver software for the AERCO Centronics parallel interface.  This was the most popular Centronics interface for the TS machines.  I eventually got a JLO disk interface which had firmware printer drivers so I never had much use for it.
A Handful of Public Domain Titles
Found these on a noisy and crackly C60.  Most will also work on the Spectrum but two of them need a TS2068 emulator -- not sure why.

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