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Orderly books Lady Paladin's book recommendations!

Most of these books will have been read by Lady Paladin herself. There will also be some books posted on here that are recommended by her friends and family. Enjoy!

Lady Paladin's recommendations:

Humor Fantasy
Anguished English
by Richard Lederer
Master of WhiteStorm
by Janny Wurts
More Anguished English
by Richard Lederer
Ruins of Ambrai
by Melanie Rawn
Fractured English
by Richard Lederer

Star Wars!
Special reccomendations in celebration of the release of Episode One, The Phantom Menace!

Star Wars: Episode One, the Phantom Menace (Queen Amidala Cover) by Terry Books. Order here!

Queen Amidala Paper Doll Book. Order here!

Star Wars: Learning Word Sounds and Writing Letters A to Z.

Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars - Novelty Shape Books, 1) by Kerry Milliron, Ken Steacy (Illustrator). Order it here!

Anguished English Anguished English
by Richard Lederer

Do you enjoy laughing a lot? Do you enjoy mistakes in newspaper headlines such as,"ENRAGED COW INJURES FARMER WITH AX?" Or how real court bloopers, or mistakes in translations around the world? This book has it all!

It also contains one of the most-emailed humor segments in the world, "The World According to Student Bloopers," which is a collection of real history mistakes made by high school and college students. For example, did you know a myth is a female moth? Or that Queen Elizabeth's navy defeated the Spanish Armadillo? It gets more and more funny the further you read!

Order Anguished English by Richard Lederer today from!

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More Anguished English More Anguished English: an Expose of Embarrassing Excruciating, and Egregious Errors in English
by Richard Lederer

This is the fantastic sequel to Anguished English! It contains a whole new selection of typos, misprints, and double-edged headlines. Here is an example from a real court room case:

Question: "When was the next occasion that you had difficulty with your wife?"
Answer: "April 27th, I believe it was, when she backed over me with the automobile."

Yep, that's a good reason to have difficulties with his wife! There is also a medical transciptionist who recorded officially that,"Discharge status: Alive but without permission."

This book has chapter after chapter of hilarious flubs. If you're interested, go to and order More Anguished English by Richard Lederer today!

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Fractured English Fractured English : A Pleasury of Bloopers and Blunders, Fluffs and Flubs, and Gaffes and Goofs
by Richard Lederer

This is the amazing third volume to Lederer's series on hilarious misuses of the English language. This book has mainly new material, but it also repeats some favorites from the previous volumes. It covers topics from court room blunders to headlines to medical errors and more!

Here are some examples of church bloopers:

Support our church rummage sale: a good opportunity to get rid of anything not worth keeping but too good to throw away. Bring your husband.

Sign on a church:

I ordered my copy of Fractured English from! It arrived in only three days, and in excellent condition.

Now, why don't you order your own copy of Fractured English by Richard Lederer?

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Master of WhiteStorm The Master of White Storm
by Janny Wurts

This has to be one of the most masterfully written pieces of fantasy I have ever read. It starts out extremely slow, and even boring; by the time a few chapters pass, though, and Korendir (the protagonist) does become Master of WhiteStorm, the plot really takes off. I literally could not put this book down!

So how is this book different than all of the other fantasy novels on the market? The character development. Korendir is a complete mystery character, and no clues to his background are even given until 2/3s of the way through the book! Even though he has no background, Korendir has an astounding amount of depth to him. He becomes a truly human character. Plus, Korendir is extremely intelligent and resourceful; he can get out of any situation by intellect alone.

The setting, the plot, and all of the other characters in it are also very well-written. Haldeth, Korendir's only friend, is another fascinating character to follow. The world it takes place in is a true fantasy world, but it still has an almost disturbing touch of reality to it. As a writer, I love how this entire book developed and described this intriguing man called Korendir.

Order Master of WhiteStorm by Janny Wurts from today!

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Ruins of Ambrai Exiles : Ruins of Ambrai
by Melanie Rawn

I was first attracted to this novel by the gorgeous cover art work by Michael Whelan. I procrastinated in beginning to read the book, though, because I was intimidated by the number of pages -- over 800! Late one night,though, I was brave enough to start reading it, and within two days I had the book completed.

This book is incredibly complex. Ruins of Ambrai is not book you can skim or skip chapters in; it is a book in which every paragraph contains valuable information on the characters and the plot. And the amount of characters can be confusing at times, which is why the back of the book has a complete genealogy chart showing the past four generations. Yes, this book is complex, but it is still worth reading!

The characters is this book are very impressive and well-rounded. The three Mageborn sisters that the book revolves around are followed from childhood to adulthood and they have very unique personalities. The roguish bard Collan is another fun character, who is very independent considering a man's status in the world. A man's status in the world, you ask? This world and the politics and wars upon it are all governed by women -- men are considered inferior.

If you love magic, complex politics and bloodlines, and a fantasy world in turmoil, this is a book for you! Order Exiles: Ruins of Ambrai today!

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