Lord Kai Waynan
Knight of the Rose, Lord of Justice

Status: Retired

Physical Stats and Info

Height: 6'5" Race: Human Weight: 230 lbs Sex: Male Age: 46 Align: LG Eyes: Blue Hair: Sandy Brown Beard: Brown Skin: Deep Tan Level: 18 HP: 85 Exp: 5,126,264 Needed: 5,500,000 STR: 1876 INT: 16 DEX: 17 WIS: 13 CON: 17 CHA: 14

Personal Weapons

1. Holy Avenger +5 One-Handed Bastard Sword* 2. Ancient Mounted Dragonlance 3. Dragon Slayer +4 One-Handed Bastard Sword 4. Short Composite Bow* 5. Dagger of Throwing +3 Dagger*


Protection: AC: -14 Base: -4 Rear: -4 Languages: 1. Common 2. Solamnic 3. Dwarven 4. Qualinesti 5. Goblin (non-fluid) 6. Ogre (non-fluid) Saves: Poison: 0 Rod: 3 Polymorph: 2 Breath Weapon: 2 Spell: 4


1. Fire-buliding 2. Riding (Land Based) 3. Riding (Dragon Based) 4. Riding (Air Based) 5. Weaponsmith 6. Armorer 7. Bowyer/Fletcher 8. Healing 9. Herbalism 10. Swimming 11. Engineer 12. Set Snare 13. Seamanship 14. Rope Use 15. Animal Handling 16. Animal Training 17. Animal Lore 18. Animal Noise 19. Religion 20. Blind-Fighting 21. Tracking 22. Direction Sense 23. Ancient Languages 24. Hunting 25. Reading/Writing 26. Endurance 27. Survival (All Climates) 28. Slow Respiration 29. Mountianeering 30. Heraldery 31. Ancient History 32. Etiquette

Personal Potions

1. Healing* 2. Polymorph Self* 3. Speed 4. Giant Strenght +10 5. Longevity 6. Oil of Disenchantment 7. Animal Control 8. Flying 9. Extra-Healing* 10. Treasure Finding 11. Acid Resistance 12. Numerous Scrolls

Personal Equipment

1. Full Plate Mail +5* 2. Full Shield +5* 3. Saddle 4. Saddle Blanket 5. Wine/Water Skins* 6. Lantern (Bullseye) 7. Flint & Steel* 8. Backpack* 9. Pouches* 10. Torches* 11. 100' Rope* 12. Tent 13. Helmet 14. Saddle Bags 15. Quivers 16. Holy Symbol* 17. Candles 18. Sealing Wax 19. Paper/Quill/Ink 20. Wetstone* 21. Personal Seal* 22. Heavy War Horse 23. Full Plate (Horse) 24. Bit & Bridle

Personal Magic Items

1. Ring of Invisibility* 2. Horse Shoes of Speed* 3. Ring of Sustance 4. Bucknard's Everful Purse* 5. Ring of Feather Falling 6. Bracers of Archery +2/+1 7. Ring of Multiple Wishes* 8. Ring of Telekinesis (200 lbs) 9. Dust of Illusion 10. Wand of Lightning 11. Ring of Spell Turning 12. Deck of Many Things 13. Bag of Tricks (C) 14. Bag of Holding (500 lbs)

Turning Table

Skeleton: D Zombie: D Ghoul: D Shadow: D Wight: D Ghast: D Wraith: D Mummy: T Spectre: T Vampire: 4 Ghost: 7 Lich: 10 Special: 13


* - Everything by a star is a piece of equipment that Lord Kai would have at any given time during an adventure. He would never leave without them. Special Abilities - Detect evil 60' away, +2 to all saves, Immune to diseases, Cure diseases, Aura of Protection 10', Projects Circle ofPower 15' when using Holy Sword, Turn Undead, and cast Priest spells. Rights due to Rank - Controls Military force around and in Palanthus up to the High Clerist Tower, Determines training/ appointment for squires in his region, Oversees training for the Knights of the Rose, Stores and studies all magical items found/taken in battle. Assignment - Protect the Gates of Paladine and Bay of Branchala. Home - His Castle is on the east side of the Bay of Branchala at the narrowest location. Misc. Notes - Lord Kai originated in another world but was brought to Krynn by some magical force. He joined the Knights of Solamina and progressed through their ranks quickly. He toured Krynn for ten years and lead part of the Whitestone's forces during the War of the Lance. Soon after he retired outside Palanthus to live out the rest of his life. However, he will not hesitate to take up arms again should the need ever arise. Unlike other Knights, Kai knows the usefulness of magic. Knowing his strenght and honor the Knighthood was willing to overlook this detail and assigned him the duty to store and research all magical items the Knighthood recovered from battles.

Note: I have returned Kai's Stats back to what they were before he used wishes to increase them. The reason for this is because some poeple without a life thought that the high abilities he had were a cause to complain. If they have anymore complaints feel free to mail me and either myself or the DM who allowed it will be happy to explain to those of such simple minds.

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