"I have been working at odd moments on another of the 'improbable' variety of tale..."
-- Edgar Rice Burroughs to Thomas Metcalf, 1912.


  • Trophy
    By Huck
    NASA scientists wondering what happened to the transmissions from Pathfinder should read this story

  • Are YOU Tarzan?
    By David Adams
    ERB Inc. messes with the wrong guy using the name Tarzan.

  • Big Brother
    By Timo Mantere
    Some people may find this new Url Web story offensive. But then, some people would find ERB's mad Jed of Ghasta, who liked to grill young girls over a fire, pretty darn offensive, too. Who am I to judge?

  • Ghek vs. Rapas: The Rematch
    By Andy Nunez
    Color by Tangor
    A funny 'toon..

  • Love and Peace on Poloda
    By Timo Mantere
    Hippies from the '60s take on the planet of eternal war.

  • The ERB-Files
    By Andre (Cosmic Spider) Vandal
    Mulder has the scoop on some weird photographs from Mars. Scully is skeptical, of course.

  • Dear Sigmund
    By David A. Adams
    A concerned family friend of an anonymous "subject" sends a Case Study to Sigmund Freud for evaluation. Multiple head injuries, childhood trauma, an abusive foster father...Sound familiar?

  • Throw Mama From The Tree
    By Elmo
    Beware the evil forces of ERBCOF

  • Fluke stories
    By Timo Mantere
    1. The Long March to Fluke
    2. A Kingdom for the Thoat
    Descendants of John Carter get no respect

  • Lakor Trilogy
    By Elmo
    1. The Labors of Lakor
    2. The Brain of Lakor
    Life isn't easy for a Holy Thern.

  • The Labors of Lakor -- the 'toon
    By Matt Winans
    Bunkum draws a scene from the story by Elmo

  • "Tarzan: The Epic Adventures"
    By Elmo
    Everything you need to know about the new Tarzan series.

  • Arthurian Trilogy
    By Peter Coogan
    The Blade's resident deep-thinker, David Adams, has this to say: "Coogan has attempted to combine every legend in the Western World with Tarzan of the Apes, and the story, if completed, would be dazzling. Conversation with Coogan would leave the average mythographer gasping for air."

  • If you like these stories, drop the authors a note saying so. And, by all means, read and reread the author whose works these are a tribute to: Edgar Rice Burroughs.


  • A Princess of Jasoom
    By Jeff Long
    Illustrated by Duane and David Adams
    The tale of two worlds -- one young, another ancient. Both savage. Tardos Mors, Prince of Helium, learns that more than an ocean of space separates them.

  • The Mucker Revisited
    By Nkima
    A poem

  • T'zan and the Invisible Men
    By Nkima
    Danger lurks in every jungle

  • In Memorium: Lord Greystoke
    By James F. Thompson
    Another poem

  • Fray stories
    By Rod Hunsicker
    1. Obsolete
    2. What Reason to Battle
    3. A Step in Blood
    4. Return to Lothar
    5. The Secret of Gena Thal
    Who is Fray? What is he doing on Barsoom? Why does he ask so many questions?These stories linked with permission.

  • Record Breaker
    By Javier Gomez
    A young Heliumite attempts to break the speed record for circumnavigating Barsoom.

  • Duelists of Thark
    By John R. Fultz
    A fight to the death.

    NOTE: Fan Fiction using the trademark "Tarzan" has been been remvoved from this website because of recent hoopla over the issue by ERB Inc. This saddens me. I truly believe ERB Inc. does not get what fanfic is all about. You may as well tell a kid not to give the Tarzan yell when he's playing in his backyard. But...such demands are that company's right. If they wish to enforce it, so be it. Jeff Long. E-mail: jefflong@livenet.net

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