Welcome M'lord,M'lady.*the draw bridge closes with a loud bang*Please
come inallow me to take you cloaks and shawls
 Please let me offer you a glass of wine or perhaps m'lord would prefer a
tankard of ale
 The fire is on if you would like to warm yourselves up before your
tour of the castleI must warn you this is a very large castle and there
is plenty to see and do here so please take your time so you don't miss
anything and enjoy yourselvesIf you have any comments or questions
please feel free to mail meI always like to hear everyones idea's
and thoughts
 Below is a list of the rooms you may enter and please come back
often as I am always opening up new wings of the castle to the public
The castle is almost always under constant construction*grins*
 Here you will find a wide variety of things including personal
informationmusicpoetryfamily timepetsfriends and guestslinks
religion,and of course the magical unicorns and dragons*a must to see
 I don't want to delay you any longer but just a quick note
You will run across "BABY" the castle pet often she likes to roam
around the castleShe love people and she really likes to play with
the children and can be found alot in the castle playroomBut please
don't feed her as she is on a special diet*silly smile*


This is "BABY"!!!!!!!

The Trophy Room
Kittiara's bedroom
The Magic Room
The Garden
The Playroom
The Library
The Art Gallery
The Wizards Tower
Ladies of the Heart
The Guestroom
The Castle Kitchen
Secret Passages
The East Wing
The Messenger

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