Programs for generating terrain

There are several programs, for instance "Terrain Maker" for DOS machines, KPT "Bryce" for Macintosh, or the Fractint (DOS/Unix) "Plasma" fractal type, which can generate and/or render height fields. Utilities are available which can convert between GIF, POT, TGA, MAT, and some other heightfield data formats. Some of the textures available in POV-Ray and other raytracers can create interesting heightfields as well, with some tweaking.

I have heard rumors that some popular raytracing packages (such as Caligari trueSpace) will begin including terrain generation options or accessories as standard equipment. Not being a user of those packages, I can neither confirm nor deny that rumor.

Some pages that feature terrain generation software:

John Olsson's Fractal Worldmap Generator (executable, source)
Paul Bourke's fractal landscapes page
John Beale's GFORGE (source)
Steve Anger, author of FRGEN and other graphics tools (executable only)
Terrain Forge (executable only)
Wilbur, generate terrains with plasma and procedural methods (executable only)
Vue D'Esprit virtual landscape generator (executable only)

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