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Fractal Terrain

These are books I've consulted a lot. If you're doing work with fractals, these are some of the books you really ought to have around.

Fractal Geometry of Nature
Benoit Mandelbrot / Hardcover / Published 1988
This is the book that started it all. Mandelbrot gives an introduction to fractals of all kinds, including fBm noise fractals which are commonly used for synthetic terrain. If you're looking for a lot of code, you won't find it here; what you will find is theory, mathematics, and examples.
The Science of Fractal Images
Heinz-Otto Peitgen, Dietmar Saupe (Contributor) / Hardcover / Published 1988
Peitgen and Saupe is another classic book on fractals. They go into the math, and they also present practical algorithms for implementing fractals of all kinds. Highly recommended.
Texturing and Modeling : A Procedural Approach/Book and Disk
David S. Ebert (Editor); Hardcover
A major source of information about procedural textures and noise functions, which can be used to generate terrain, clouds, smoke, and a whole lot more. The section by Ken Musgrave is particularly useful for making landscapes.

Computer Graphics

There are a lot of books on computer graphics, but only a few that really cover the field both broadly and deeply. Here are a couple of them.

Computer Graphics : Principles and Practice (Systems Programming)
James D. Foley (Contributor), et al / Hardcover / Published 1996
Foley and Van Dam is one of the classics in the field, although it is sometimes a little quirky. I have an earlier edition of this work and consult it any time I need to do graphics. Chock-full of theory, derivations, and algorithms.
Advanced Animation and Rendering Techniques : Theory and Practice
Alan H. Watt, Mark Watt / Hardcover / Published 1992
This one has been recommended by many people on It isn't in my personal library yet, though, so this recommendation is third-hand.

SIGGRAPH Proceedings

Proceedings of the annual conferences of the ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH). These are very useful for computer graphics professionals, and past volumes have contained papers on terrain generation. For somebody who's just dabbling, these might not be worth the cost, but I thought I'd list them here for those who want to build up thier libraries.

Computer Graphics : Proceedings : Siggraph 97 Conference Proceedings, August 3-8, 1997
Paperback / Published 1997

ACM\SIGGRAPH Conference Proceedings 1995 with CD-ROM
Published 1995

Computer Graphics : Proceedings : Siggraph 94 Conference Proceedings July 24-29, 1994
Paperback / Published 1995

Computer Graphics : Proceedings : Siggraph 93 Conference Proceedings 1-6 August 1993 (Annual Conference)
Steve Cunningham (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1993

Acm Siggraph 1992 Conference
Paperback / Published 1992

Siggraph 92 19th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques Chicago, Il July
Published 1992

Computer Graphics : Siggraph '91 Conference Proceedings 28 July-2 August 1991, Las Vegas, Nevada Papers Chair Thomas W. Sederberg (Vol. 25, No. 4)
Acm, Siggraph / Published 1991

Computer Graphics : Siggraph Conference Proceedings, Vol 24, No 4, 1990
Published 1990

Computer Graphics : Siggraph Conference Proceedings 89; Vol 23, No.3
Richard J. Beach (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1990
Proceedings of Siggraph 88 15th Conference Vol 22
Published 1988

Computer Graphics : Proceedings of Siggraph '85, 12th Annual Conference Vol 19
Published 1985

Siggraph '81
Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques / Published 1981

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