What is MST3K?

You may have asked yourself before, just what is that show with the guy and two puppets in the corner of the TV talking to a movie screen? Well, if you have, just what the heck are you doing looking at an MST3K page anyway?? Anyway, friends, wonder no more!

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a show about a guy (Joel, later replaced by Mike) stranded in space with his robot companions. They are all forced to watch incredibly cheezy sci-fi movies as part of an evil, twisted experiment, conducted by Mrs. Forrester. The bots and Joel/Mike get their revenge by hurling wisecracks, sarcastic remarks, and obscure cultural references at these movies, including such unforgettable films as Pod People, Viking Women and the Sea Serpent, and Teenagers from Outer Space.

Therein lies the genius of the show.

Throw in hilarious host segments and amusing but catchy songs, and -- whammo! -- you've got yourself a hit show!

And now a bit about the cast...

The Bots

Crow T. Robot (Bill Corbett) -- Crow is the gold birdlike robot. Most people who aren't familiar with the show refer to him as a "reindeer" because of the basket-like structure on the top of his head. Crow is a budding screenwriter (bringing us such pearls as Robot on the Run and Earth vs. Soup), as well as a director of documentaries (Crow T Robot's Bram Stoker's The Civil War and Let's Talk Women!).

Tom Servo (Kevin Murphy) -- Tom is the stocky, red bot that resembles a large gumball machine. Tom has an amazing singing voice, as he is apt to demonstrate while the gang quips a movie.

Gypsy (Jim Mallon) -- Gypsy is the big, long, purple robot. She is the mother figure on the Satellite of Love. She talks in a high-pitched voice and has an ongoing infatuation with Richard Basehart. Gypsy does not view the movies with the rest of the gang, (with the exception of episode 412, Hercules and the Captive Women) as she is also in charge of all the higher functions on the ship.

Cambot -- With the exception of the opening credits, Cambot is never seen, because Cambot is the one shooting the show. Got that? Good...

Magic Voice -- the Satellite's announcer

The Humans

Joel Robinson (Joel Hodgson) -- Joel was a janitor at Gizmonics Institute when his bosses decided to blast him into outer space. An inventor of sorts, Joel created Crow, Tom Servo, and Gypsy from parts around the Satellite. Later, Gypsy helped Joel escape from the Satellite of Love in an escape pod (the Deus Ex Machina) hidden in a box marked "Hamdingers."

Mike Nelson (Michael J. Nelson) -- Mike replaced Joel about halfway through Season 5. Rather than have their experiment fail, the Mads seized temp worker Mike to replace Joel in the Satellite of Love. Mike is still hosting the show today.

Dr. Clayton Forrester (Trace Beaulieu) -- Dr. Forrester is the king of all mad scientists, always outfitted in some sort of green attire with a streak in his mile-high hair and mustache, due to being hit by lightning. He ran Gizmonics Institute and was in charge of all the "experiments" conducted on the occupants of the SOL from the confines of Deep 13. At the end of Season 7, Dr. F was transformed into a star baby, much to the delight of
his mother.

Dr. Larry Erhardt (Josh Weinstein) -- Dr. Forrester's first assistant. Pronounced "missing" after the first season.

TV's Frank (Frank Coniff) -- Dr. Forrester's not-so-bright partner-in-crime, Frank is distinguished by the blond spitcurl on his forehead. Frank faithfully served Dr. Forrester from Season 2 to Season 6, at which time he was carried to heaven by the angel Torgo.

Mrs. Pearl Forrester (Mary Jo Pehl) -- Dr. Forrester's mother and now the mad scientist. She came to visit her son to help him through the trauma of Frank's departure, decided that Clay needs his mother's care, and stayed around. After Dr. Forrester passed away, she vowed to avenge his death, and set out on an intergalactic chase to track down the inhabitants of the Satellite of Love. She now plans to rule the entire world from her home base at Castle Forrester on present-day Earth. Her partners-in-crime are the well-meaning (but not too bright) Bobo and Observer, referred to as Brain Guy.

Professor Bobo (Kevin Murphy) -- Upon returning to the SOL after 500 years, Mike and the Bots found that apes has evolved and now ruled the world. Bobo was one of the most distinguished professors of his time. Unfortunately, Mike accidentally blew up the Earth, leaving Bobo as the sole survivor. As he became Pearl's aide, it was revealed that he is prfoundly stupid.

Observer/Brain Guy (Bill Corbett) -- Observer came from a world where self-sufficient, all-powerful brains are in command and are carried around by bodies that they won't acknowledge. However, Mike accidentally blew up their world. Observer, the only left of his kind, vowed revenge, and joined Pearl in her work against the SOL.

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