Season 5 (Comedy Central)

Ep # Episode title Short
501 Warrior of the Lost World
502 Hercules
503 Swamp Diamonds What to Do on a Date
504 Secret Agent Super Dragon
505 The Magic Voyage of Sinbad
506 Eegah!
507 I Accuse My Parents The Truck Farmer
508 Operation Double 007
509 The Girl in Lovers' Lane
510 The Painted Hills Body Care and Grooming
511 The Gunslinger
512 Mitchell (Note: Joel's last episode)
513 The Brain That Wouldn't Die (Note: Mike's first episode as host)
514 Teen-age Strangler Is This Love?
515 The Wild Wild World of Batwoman Cheating
516 Alien from L.A.
517 The Beginning of the End
518 The Atomic Brain What About Juvenile Delinquency?
519 Outlaw
520 Radar Secret Service The Last Clear Chance
521 Santa Claus
522 Teen-age Crime Wave
523 Village of the Giants
524 12 to the Moon Design for Dreaming


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