MST3K: The Home Game

Yes, like many of you did, I joined fellow MSTies on Sci-Fi's IRC to riff along with "The Day the World Ended" during MST3K: The Home Game. I was one of the fortunate few to have some of my comments appear onscreen during the show! (For those of you who were watching, have the shows on tape, etc. I used the name MagicVoice) Below is a gratuitous list of all of my comments that appeared on the Sci-Fi Channel. Some of them can be taken out of context, sure, but within the context of the movie, they were amusing, I assure you. : )

Here they are...

4:00 (Eastern) Show:

0:22:43     Today on Wild Kingdom...
0:56:52     Meanwhile, on another soundstage

11:00 (Eastern) Show:

0:01:15     *sob* I always cry at happy endings!
0:02:48     Wait a second...Corman is God??
0:04:27     people like to dress up for the end of the world! gives it a sense 
            of occasion!
0:07:07     that chick looks like an evil Barbie doll
0:08:43     the jerk-o-meter is going wild!
0:09:59     hey lady, stop checking out my ass!
0:10:32     that was close! they almost had an action sequence there!
0:12:28     yeah, please put on more makeup. you don't look creepy enough yet.
0:14:51     poor Moe just wasn't the same after the stooges broke up
0:34:50     You mean Servo's a PUPPET?? I'm crushed!
1:04:05     Donna Reed in a role you'll never forget
1:04:49     I'm gonna chase those smoochers away with my donkey!
1:07:25     you don't have to be crazy to be in this movie...but it helps!
1:09:19     Marilyn Monroe has REALLY let herself go!
1:11:22     Quickly! Run towards the danger!
1:14:17     Well, Pops, kiss your ass goodbye.
1:21:17     Next thing you know, they're gonna tell me Mike is a puppet too.
1:22:17     Still no trace of the plot, huh Jim?
1:27:21     Cool! I can see my reflection in his hair!

I was really impressed with a lot of everyone's comments that didn't even make it onto the screen! Just remember, if you had half as much fun as I did during the home game, then I had twice as much fun as you! HA!

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