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This is a movie everyone should see, for it raises certain fundamental questions about who we are as a species. It instills a since of humility. We are but a speck of dust in light of the enormous scale of the Cosmos. This makes life all the more precious. Whether or not a god exists, "we still have each other."
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Ellie explains math ..

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Machine Sketch
Robert Zemeckis (Director/Producer)
Movie Review

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If there's nobody else out there, it's a terrible was of space.

Science has fascinated Ellie Arroway since her childhood days playing with shortwave radio communications. Turning that into a career, she's now a radio astronomer searching for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence along with longtime colleague, Kent Clark. One day she gets just that: A strong signal from the distant star, Vega, that may just change the way she, and everyone else, look at themselves and their world. Immediately the government, headed by National Security Advisor Michael Kitz, gets involved. For inside that signal are the blueprints for creating an intergalactic probe capable of sending a traveler to another world. As she fights to retain control of her discovery from Kitz and her former boss, David Drumlin, Ellie turns to a former acquaintance and now Presidential spiritual advisor, Palmer Joss, who supports her, but also questions her belief in science over that of religion. Soon Ellie finds herself competing to be Earth's first ambassador to another world, and she receives support for doing so from eccentric billionaire S.R. Hadden. As the teleportation device is constructed, Ellie prepares for her possible trip to where no Earthling has ever been.

LinkInternet Movie Database CONTACT webpage. Check-out one of the most complete and informative movie "Oracles" on the 'Net today.


The Script:

  1. This is a transcript of the movie



  1. Download the trailer from the official Warner Bros. Site (7.7 Mb [.mov])
  2. Trailer from Warner Bros. (7.6 Mb [.mov])
  3. Trailer from Cinemania (2.1 Mb [.avi])
  4. Trailer from Hollywood Online (7.8 Mb [.mov])
  5. From CNN (10.1 MB/2 min. 25 sec./320x240)

Other Sites:

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  1. Corona Productions (Film Scoops).
  2. Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey lead ensemble cast of stars in "Contact".
  3. A Star Role for Kennedy Space Center.
  4. Coppola Sues Sagan Over 'Contact'.
  5. Film Office helps Hollywood contact extra-terrestrials.
  6. "Contact" to Begin Production.
  7. Here's the whole story on being an extra in Contact.
  8. VLA Visitor Center to Close Temporarily For Filming of Movie Contact
  9. Pathfinder
  10. Premiere Summer Previews


  1. The director Robert Zemeckis.
  2. The director Robert Zemeckis.
  3. Jodie Foster: Directing big films vs. acting in them. (20 secs.)
  4. Jodie Foster: Contact as a large film on an intimate scale. (14 secs.)
  5. Interview with Jodie: PC or MAC.
  6. Jodie as a prodigy PC or MAC
  7. Jodie Foster on Carl Sagan PC or MAC
  8. Would she go?


  1. Behind-the-scenes footage
  2. Foster's character is attempting to get funding (7.1 MB/1 min. 17 sec./320x240) (4.2MB/1 min. 17 sec./160x120)
  3. Noble gasses (AVI: 1.4 MB)
  4. Transport? (AVI: 1.5 MB)
  5. Worth a human life (AVI: 1.3 MB)
  6. 'As long as I can remember, I've been searching...' MAC or PC
  7. A government committee debates the alien blueprints MAC or PC
  8. Why go to Vega? (MOV: 2.5 MB]

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