The Fourth Dimension

It doesn't look like the Fourth Dimension because you're only seeing a crude two dimensional replica.

             Greetings. Everything here is pure speculation. You are encouraged not to believe anything you see here. Those who believe what they see are subject to a chaotic transportation into... (You know what)...
      The Fourth Dimension is the next step in the series: "Length, Height, Width...." In calculus, we can evaluate measurements in the fourth dimension. But what IS it? Often it is described as time. Einstein thought so. Another possibility is space. Not outer space but another spatial direction which extends in a direction perpendicular to all directions we here know in our 3-D universe. When you think of the fourth dimension as being a extension of space, the best way to visualize this is to imagine a bunch of 3-D worlds "stacked" on each other. Similarly, if we stack a bunch of 2-D surfaces, we get a 3-D extension. However, there are many details surrounding the specifications as to what the fourth dimension is therefore leading me to create a site to dicuss this.
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