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    "Where are the dimensions and where are they not? Boundless dimensions of music and thought. Infinite dimensions of cold and of hot. But countless dimensions of space there are not. Dimensions of beauty and wine and of thee. Occure in spacial dimensions of which there are three.

    A 3-D you anna 3-D me, munching 3-D apples from a 3-D tree.
    3-D up and 3-D down, 3-D apples to the 3-D ground.
    A 3-D fall anna 3-D 'thump'. 3-D sugar inna 3-D lump.
    3-D smooth and 3-D rough.
    4-D Einstein, saying 'three ain't enough'. 4-D guitar and 4-D strings.
    Alberts 4-D song about 4-D things. 4-D amplifier and 4-D gear,
    singing'4-D music into 3-D ears. 3-D professors on a 3-D jag,
    stuffin'4-D physics in a 3-D bag. If your looking for a message
    Its of 4-D headaches from a 3-D beer.
    3-D professors tellin 3-D lies, gettin
    3-D money for the Nobel Prize. 3-D scientists anna 3-D pension,
    refusing to recognize, GravitY is the 4th DimensiON".

    Laughter is Compulsory!

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    This is True is a weekly syndicated newspaper column which reports on bizarre-but-true news items from "legitimate" printed news sources from around the world.

    Longer Boats
    Longer Boats
    Michael Likey (Majick_man)
    First Posted: April 30th, 2001
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    Here is my version of Longer Boats; you'll notice it has the extra verse absent from Cat's albums. I first discovered the extra verse in the bootleg album "Catnip" around 1975, and whenever I sang the song for friends, I always included this verse. I hope you enjoy this.

    Longer Boats
    Longer Boats
    First Posted: September 25th, 2000
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    Here's Jerry Landolfi's cover of "Longer Boats." Please note there are a couple seconds of silence at the beginning of this clip.