The 85 episode Robotech saga is divided into the three alien invasions of Earth:

Macross: the Zentraedi invasion
Southern Cross: the Robotech Masters invasion
New Generation: the Invid invasion


  1. BOOBYTRAP - The year is 1999AD. An alien ship crash lands on Earth and is rebuilt by humanity. Ten years later the Earth is attacked by an armada of giant aliens.

  2. COUNTDOWN - The Earth's Super Dimensional Fortress SDF-1 prepares to lift off into space to battle with the alien invaders.

  3. SPACE FOLD - In order to avoid the total destruction of the Earth, the crew of the SDF-1 make an untested jump into hyperspace.

  4. THE LONG WAIT - Rick and Minmei find themselves trapped inside an unexplored area of the gigantic space battle fortress.

  5. TRANSFORMATION - Captain Gloval plans a daring strategy to convert the SDF-1 into a robotic configuration to do battle with the Zentraedi forces.

  6. BLITZKREIG - The battle between the Robotech Defenders and the Zentraedi is taken to the very limits of the solar system as the two forces meet in the rings of Saturn.

  7. BYE-BYE, MARS - The Zentraedi plan an ambush for the SDF-1 at a deserted Martian outpost.

  8. SWEET SIXTEEN - As Minmei prepares for her sixteenth birthday, the Zentraedi prepare for yet another attack on the Robotech ship.

  9. MISS MACROSS - A beauty contest on the SDF-1 is designed to encourage morale as the valiant Robotech Defenders make their way back to Earth.

  10. BLIND GAME - The Zentraedi forces destroy the radar and communication systems onboard the SDF-1 and deliver an ultimatum for surrender.

  11. FIRST CONTACT - Lisa Hayes and Rick Hunter are captured by the Zentraedi and held prisoner onboard the flagship of Dolza, the leader of the alien warriors.

  12. THE BIG ESCAPE - Max Sterling stages a daring rescue attempt for his friends captured by the Zentraedi armada.

  13. BLUE WIND - As the SDF-1 approaches Earth, the Zentraedi try for a final victory in their ongoing battle to commandeer the prized Robotech ship.

  14. GLOVAL'S REPORT - Back on Earth, Captain Gloval recounts the events of the past two years in the war with the alien Zentraedi forces.

  15. HOMECOMING - The entire population of the SDF-1 is celebrating their return to Earth while Captain Gloval tries to convince the United Earth Government of the threat posed by the Zentraedi.

  16. BATTLE CRY - Minmei's cousin Kyle is reunited with his family on board the SDF-1 moments before a Zentraedi sneak attack which hopes to catch the defences of the Robotech forces off guard.

  17. PHANTASM - Rick lies in bed recovering from wounds suffered in combat with the aliens. As his body fights for it's life, Rick's fevered imagination takes him through a demented nightmare.

  18. FAREWELL, BIG BROTHER - Roy Fokker's squadron is short-manned while Rick is recovering. A Zentraedi raid becomes costly when Roy is mortally wounded defending the SDF-1.

  19. BURSTING POINT - The news of Roy Fokker's death puts a dark cloud over plans to evacuate the 70,000 refugees onboard the SDF-1. Khyron, the most evil Zentraedi, wastes no time in jumping on an opportunity to attack his sworn enemies aboard the giant space battle fortress.

  20. PARADISE LOST - After the tragedies of the recent past, everyone onboard the SDF-1 is anxiously awaiting the release of Minmei's first feature film. The alien spies are also eager - hoping to discover some military secrets hiddent in the subtext of the film.

  21. A NEW DAWN - The aliens believe that the humans possess a secret weapon and plan a stratagem to defeat their bothersome Micronian enemies.

  22. BATTLE HYMN - A minor civil war begins aboard the Zentraedi warships as the word spreads throughout the alien underground concerning the good life experienced by citizens of Macross City living on the SDF-1.

  23. RECKLESS - Rick goes on the warpath to stop an invasion of the SDF-1 by the defecting Zentraedi. In the midst of this battle scene, Minmei and Kyle are faced with more dangerous implications.

  24. SHOWDOWN - Max Sterling meets the micronised Zentraedi warrior Miriya on a different field of battle, as combatants of a video game championship.

  25. WEDDING BELLS - Miriya's attempt to ambush Max turns into a more complicated affair when they fall in love and decide to get married.

  26. THE MESSENGER - Exedore is sent to the SDF-1 in the wake of the marriage between Max and Miriya in order to negoitiate a peace settlement between their two warrior civilisations.

  27. FORCE OF ARMS - Dolza tricks his advance armada and surrounds the Earth with 4.9 million armed ships. For Dolza, the time for talking has ended. The SDF-1 and the Earth must be destroyed. If forces Breetai to join with Captain Gloval to counteract this terrible threat.

  28. RECONSTRUCTION BLUES - The citizens of the SDF-1 try to put their lives back together following the cataclysm of the past several months. The Earth has become a barren wilderness where the pioneer spirit of the survivors is put to the ultimate test.

  29. THE ROBOTECH MASTERS - In some faraway spot in the galaxy, the Robotech Masters find indication of a giant battle which has taken place in the vicinity of the Earth. They feel this might be the location of their lost protoculture factory and begin the long journey to find their precious biochemical life-force.

  30. VIVA MIRIYA - Breetai organises a raid on the last remaining Robotech factory in order to try and hold the upper hand in case the wandering Robotech Masters do eventually find their way to the Earth.

  31. KHYRON'S REVENGE - The evil Zentraedi warlord, Khyron, plots to persuade the surviving micronised Zentraedi to rejoin the ranks of the elite guard of the Robotech Masters, now under his command.

  32. BROKEN HEART - In a totally unexpected move, Khyron has managed to capture Minmei and Kyle. He holds his micronised prisoners for ransom, the price for their freedom is the Earth's gigantic Robotech vessel, the SDF-1.

  33. A RAINY NIGHT - Claudia gives Lisa a lesson in psychology as she recalls the early stages of her romance with the late Commander Roy Fokker.

  34. PRIVATE TIME - Minmei tries to become part of Rick Hunter's life again after returning from her tour of the frontier. Its is a situation complicated by Rick's growing concern for Lisa and his final realisation of his duty as a soldier.

  35. SEASON'S GREETINGS - The Christmas season serves as a backdrop for Khyron's plans to steal the Earth's remaining supply of protoculture matrix. Many of the complex relationships developed over the past years are coming to a resolution.

  36. TO THE STARS - Admiral Gloval has ordered Lisa Hayes to command a new version of the Robotech Super Dimensional Fortress, the SDF-2, and undertake a new mission to search the far reaches of space and discover the true homeworld of Robotechnology. But Khyron has other plans for the SDF-2 and the original SDF-1.

    Southern Cross

  37. DANA'S STORY - It is fifteen years later and Dana Sterling, the child of Miriya and Max Sterling, recalls the turbulent romance that her parents had in order to put to rest the fears of a new recruit in the Army of the Southern Cross, the Earth's latest defence force.

  38. FALSE START - The Robotech Masters have finally arrived near the vicinity of the Earth. They are so certain that there will be no resistance offered as they try and recover their lost protoculture factory that the strong fighting spirit shown by the citizens of Earth confuses the zealous interstellar techno-voyagers.

  39. THE SOUTHERN CROSS - A counter attack by the United Earth Forces causes the Robotech Masters to re-evaluate their plans to regain the protoculture factory. And although there are no precise winners, the battle lines are being drawn.

  40. VOLUNTEERS - In order to accomodate vital military intelligence information, the Supreme Commander of the Army of the Southern Cross asks for volunteers to re-establish communications with an isolated space station, Earth's only link to the Robotech defenders who have gone into the cosmos in search of the Robotech Masters' homeworld.

  41. HALF MOON - Dana Sterling and Bowie Grant, on a routine patrol, discover a plot by the Robotech Masters to excavate around the site of the final destruction of the SDF-1. Bowie is captured and it is up to Dana to effect his rescue.

  42. DANGER ZONE - A gigantic flagship from the Robotech Masters' interstellar armada is flying closer and closer to Earth. It is decided that a direct offensive against the battleship is needed. Dana Sterling's 15th Tactical Armoured Corps is called into action to solve this new crisis.

  43. PRELUDE TO BATTLE - After successfully shooting down the giant alien ship, a recon mission is called for. Once again Dana's group is 'volunteered' for the dangerous mission. On the eve of this mission, the members of this courageous squad prepare for battle, each in his or her very own way.

  44. THE TRAP - Dana's 15th Tactical Armoured Corps succeeds in breaching the hull of the fallen alien vessel. They proceed through the gigantic ship in the hope of discovering any information concerning this new threat. What they don't realise is that they are falling into a trap set by the Robotech Masters as they also need to get information concerning their new enemy and to determine how much this civilisation knows about the mysterious substance known as 'protoculture'.

  45. METAL FIRE - Failing in their attempts at capturing the humans who entered their ship, the Robotech Masters plot to raid a nearby city and capture as many humans as they can in order to experiment and see if they should fear this minor group of creatures calling themselves Earthlings, or if they should continue to concentrate on recovering their precious protoculture before the Invid, the mortal enemies of the Robotech Masters, come looking for their next meal of protoculture matrix - something they call the Flower of Life.

  46. STARDUST - Dana Sterling tries to get the war with the Robotech Masters out of her mind by attending a concert with Bowie. She meets a singer who she finds interesting, only to discover later that he is a spy working for the Military Police.

  47. OUTSIDERS - The Robotech Masters plan a strange deception by introducing Zor into the ranks of the 15th Tactical Squadron of the Army of the Southern Cross in the hope of getting some information regarding Earth's knowledge of protoculture.

  48. DEJA VU - Zor, the Robotech Masters' unsuspecting spy, is subjected to rigorous psychological tests to determine if he is human. Dana cannot allow him to go unchallenged for the destruction he has caused and plans a daring midnight raid on the hospital where Zor is sequestered to exact her revenge.

  49. A NEW RECRUIT - General Leonard is convinced that Zor can help his army get information regarding the Robotech Masters whether he is human or not. He assigns Zor to the 15th squad and places Dana Sterling in charge of his 'rehabilitation'. By this time, Dana has begun to feel somehow related to this new recruit - alien or not.

  50. TRIUMVIRATE - General Leonard calls for an all out attack against the Robotech Masters' forces in Earth orbit near the Moon. The plan does not include the 15th Tactical Squadron, which spends most of its time trying to help Zor regain his memory at the crash site of the SDF-1.

  51. CLONE CHAMBER - Things on Earth are settling into a pleasant domestic routine while the Robotech Masters and their Bioroid army fight for their very survival against the pressure of the Tactical Space Corps of the Army of the Southern Cross.

  52. LOVE SONG - A classic Cinderella story unfolds as Marie Angel and Sean Phillips plan a very important date. Things don't turn out for the best, and Marie ends up running away from the truth of Sean's part.

  53. THE HUNTERS - Louis Nicholls, member of Dana Sterling's squad, builds a Robotech device which is exploited by the Military Police into an offensive weapon system. The deception causes Louis to break down and attack his friends and fellow soldiers.

  54. MIND GAME - An all out attack is called for, this time incorporating the ground forces of the Army of the Southern Cross. Dana and her squad respond only to end up captured by Zor, who has been reactivated by the Robotech Masters to become a Bioroid captain once again.

  55. DANA IN WONDERLAND - Trying to escape from the Robotech Masters, Dana and her friends discover many secrets concerning the true nature of the civilisation living aboard the flagship of the Robotech Masters and the entire process of bio-genetic engineering.

  56. CRISIS POINT - A critical battle takes place aboard the Robotech Masters' flagship, as Zor and Musica, a Robotech clone mistriss, defect and join the Earth forces. A daring escape forms the basis of the new relationship between Zor and the members of the 15th Squadron.

  57. DAY DREAMER - Musica tries to assimilate herself into the alien environment she finds on Earth. Her joy of discovery in this new world is cut short when Nova Satori, of the Military Police, seeks her out as a spy. Bowie and Musica become a fugitive couple to avoid capture.

  58. FINAL NIGHTMARE - Nova tracks Bowie and Musica to the crash site of the SDF-1 and makes a startling discovery in regard to the nature of protoculture and the growing threat of the impending Invid invasion. Zor realises that the Robotech Masters must be stopped at any cost.

  59. THE INVID CONNECTION - Zor and the rest of Dana Sterling's squad make a daring trip to the Robotech Masters' flagship in order to rescue General Rolf Emerson, Bowie's guardian, and try to put a stop to the second Robotech War.

  60. CATASTROPHE - The final battle in the second Robotech War is fought as Zor goes on the rampage to destroy the entire culture created by the Robotech Masters before the arrival of the Invid. His plan fails, causing his destruction and paving the way for the Invid to cultivate the Flowers of Life. which are now seeding the planet and turning the Earth into a protoculture greenhouse.

    New Generation

  61. THE INVID INVASION - The Robotech Expeditionary Force returns to Earth in the wake of the invasion of the Robotech Masters only to find their planet overrun by an alien lifeform known as the Invid.

  62. THE LOST CITY - Scott Bernard, the sole survivor of the Robotech Expeditionary Force's ill concieved attack against the Invid stronghold known as Reflex Point, joins forces with Rand, a young rebellious freedom fighter, as they try to recruit an army of Earth's survivors to carry on the fight against the Invid.

  63. LONELY SOLDIER BOY - Scott, Rand and Annie, a precocious 13 year old girl, try to help some citizens in a remote town fight off a gang of thugs and an attack by an Invid scout patrol. This episode introduces the cast to 'Yellow Dancer' - a pop rock star who tries to entertain the survivors in the tradition of Lynn Minmei.

  64. SURVIVAL - The group of freedom fighters, now joined by 'Yellow Dancer' (aka Lancer), Rook Bartley and 'Lunk' (aka Jim Cooper), try getting back to nature as they try to set up a base in the centre of a hostile forest under constant scrutiny of Invid scout troops and Invid Shocktroopers.

  65. CURTAIN CALL - 'Yellow Dancer' stages a rock concert to serve as a diversion allowing Scott Bernard and his band of freedom fighters a chance to sneak into a protoculture storage area and confiscate valuable fuel needed to power their Alpha fighters and Cyclones.

  66. HARD TIME - Rook Bartley is reminded of the past as the band of freedom fighters power their way through Rook's hometown. Rook takes the opportunity to look up her family and try to settle some old scores with a gang of thieves who humiliated her several years earlier.

  67. PAPER HERO - Lunk is on a mission to deliver a manuscript to the father of one of his dead comrades. It wasa promise he made and feels honour bound to keep. A hostile reception by the local townspeople forces Lunk to re-evaluate the nature of friendship and duty.

  68. EULOGY - Scott Bernard and his band of comrades come upon a group of Robotech Defence Forces under the command of one of his early childhood heroes, Col. Wolfe. When Scott offers the services of his group to aid in Wolfe's plans to defeat the Invid, Scott finds himself double-crossed by a hero who has lost his courage under the pressure of the Invid.

  69. THE GENESIS PIT - Scott, Rand and Annie are spearated from the group and find themselves in a Genesis Pit. It is an experimental Invid laboratory in which these stange aliens are conducting genetic experimentation on Earth's biological history - they are creating dinosaurs and ancient animals in search of the perfect lifeform.

  70. ENTER MARLENE - The Invid send a 'simul-agent' into the midst of Scott Bernard and friends in order to find out how much this band of freedom fighters knows about them and their plans. The Invid plan backfires when Rand discovers the simul-agent before the transformation process is complete. This creature, an Invid which resembles a woman, joins with the group as they continue their journey to Reflex Point.

  71. THE SECRET ROUTE - The intrepid band of freedom fighters come upon a thriving community which makes it's living by selling information to avoid the Invid and migrate to a new and wonderful utopia just over the mountains. Sounding too good to be true, the heroes investigate and expose the evil plot of the town's mayor. Lancer also takes time to visit with an old friend.

  72. THE FORTRESS - In order to continue on to Reflex Point, Scott Bernard and his friends must first destroy an old Robotech Fortress which is now occupied by the Invid. The group separates and infiltrates the complex and manages to destroy the Invid stronghold and blast a trail to freedom for themselves and the rest of the citizens living in fear of their alien conquerors in this area.

  73. SANDSTORM - Rand tries to find water for Marlene who has grown ill following the destruction of the Invid fortress. He braves a sandstorm which circulates many of the spores of the Invid Flower of Life, which overwhelm Rand and induce a strangely prophetic dream about the nature of the Invid and their purpose in invading the Earth.

  74. ANNIE'S WEDDING - While traveling through a forest of mature trees which were once active Invid Flowers of Life, Scott Bernard's group is captured by a tribe of outcasts. They have cannonised the Invid as their sacred protectors and only through the intervention of Scott and his friends are these humans able to accept their humanity and fight back against their alien enemies. Annie gets a crush on a young tribal prince and decides to become his jungle princess.

  75. SEPARATE WAYS - Following Annie's departure from the group a sense of melancholy settles over Scott and his friends. Petty arguments get blown out of proportion and the group decides to split up. An attack by the Invid unites the group once again and the return of Annie (who has left her native Prince Charming to rejoin her friends) makes the group stronger than ever in their resolve to destroy the Invid and Reflex Point.

  76. METAMORPHOSIS - The Regiss, Queen of the Invid, allows two of her children to transform their protoplasmic bodies into humans as part of the process of finding the ultimate lifeform. Sera and Corg take this opportunity to hunt down the humans who have proved to be a thorn in the side of their mother, the Regiss, from the beginning of their arrival on Earth.

  77. THE MIDNIGHT SUN - On a snowcapped mountain pass, Scott Bernard and company defend themselves against a massive attack by the Invid, led by Sera. Sera is torn between her loyalty to the Regiss and her uncontrollable emotional instability which she feels as a result of transforming into a human. Marlene is confronted by Sera with the realisation that she is not human, but an Invid.

  78. GHOST TOWN - The group finds themselves in a high desert 'ghost town' populated by an assemblage of old timers who have Robotechnology. The return of the newest attack wing of the Robotech Defence Force, now personally headed by Admiral Rick Hunter, sends a call to glory into the lives of the many who have lost the will to fight. Scott and his friends learn the true meaning of courage.

  79. FROST BITE - The freedom fighters led by Scott Bernard discover the deserted remains of Denver, Colorado. They go through the empty streets looking for supplies and trying to enjoy a moment of relative peace from their constant struggle against the Invid. Scott begins to feel a tug of emotion towards Marlene.

  80. BIRTHDAY BLUES - A surprise birthday party for Annie turns into a nightmare as Corg sets up an ambush for the freedom fighters. But the group is well prepared and defends their position without spoiling Annie's party.

  81. HIRED GUN - The story of Dusty Ayres, a human who was used as an experimental subject by the Invid. Dusty has his mind set on revenge as he systematically goes about destroying those he feels responsible for his torture at the hands of the Invid.

  82. THE BIG APPLE - Scott Bernard and his friends travel to a large urban centre to replenish their dwindling supplies of protoculture and also to try and get information regarding Reflex Point and the relative strength of the Invid. Lancer takes the opportunity of being in a big city to hold a concert. The Invid attack but are defeated by Scott and his crew.

  83. REFLEX POINT - The Robotech Defence Force is planning an attack against the Invid who have taken over the Earth. There is a small battle over an advanced 'stealth type' Alpha fighter. Marlene is injured and it is discovered that she is an Invid.

  84. DARK FINALE - The Robotech Defence Force plans it's major attack on Reflex Point. Scott, Lancer and Lunk return to the military. Annie, Rand and Rook are told to stay away. They don't obey and blast their way into a final confrontation with the Regiss.

  85. SYMPHONY OF LIGHT - The final chapter in the third Robotech war has Scott defeating Corg with the aid of Marlene while Lancer aids Sera in defending the Invid Hive as the Regiss gathers her remaining Invid children.