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Last Updated: August 8, 1998

In the spirit of when this page was solely The SPU, I'm going to have to put a bit of an intro on this part of the page and hopefully change it every so often. For now, since nothing much is happening, I'll just put up some sort of a list as to what's on the page lately. If I ever get energetic and really do an update then I'll have to change it but until then. . . . .bleh.

Most of the stuff here is under the "stuff" heading, and I'll have to owe that to my amazing lack of talent for naming stuff. Anyway, there's artwork, top 10 lists, the usual. All the artwork is stuff I've done, but I'm not saying it's all that good. some of the earlier stuff kinda sucked, but that was because i was learning more about the program. Oh well. Nothing's perfect. And now this is just getting boring. Just enjoy the page (hopefully). Jamerz

All code and graphics copyright 1998, Brice Jamieson. All work is original, unless otherwise specified. No HTML editors were used or even considered in the making of this page. Page best viewed in Netscape 2.X and above, in 600 x 800 resolution. Netscape is exponentially better than Explorer. Kapeesh?

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