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Canon Status
Completely Canon Compatible ***
Mostly Canon Compatible **
Non Canon +
Canon Statement
Military of Great Britain and the Commonwealth Royal Space Navy of the British Commonwealth
Order of Battle [Draft]***
British Army Vehicles **
Sandhurst College Historical Battles Database **
Stellar Cartography
Bombardment of Hunjiang, 2282 [NEW!] **
Foundation for Practical Knowledge ***
Flags of Great Britain and her Empires ***
Frequency of Starship Arrivals ***
Interstellar Trade ***
Star Maps ***
The British Commonwealth of Wellon ***
Wolf 424B, Ariadne **
Starships and Space Flight
Argentine Espora class Missile Frigate **
Avenger class Missile Frigate **
Azanian Space Defence Force ***
Battlegroup Operations ***
Boorda class Auxiliary Frigate (Minelayer) ***
Brazilian Sao Paulo class Missile Frigate **
Classifying Combat Starships **
3d Star Cruiser **
Cooling Starships, 2300AD's most serious starship error **
Deutches Stern Kriegsmarine (German Space Force) Orbat [Draft] **
Eagle class Missile Frigate +
French Destroyer class Starships **
Hope class Auxiliary Frigate (Medical) **
Interface Transport **
Kennedy class Fast Missile Carrier ***
Logistics of Starships **
Materials Science 101 **
Missile Design using "Anatomy" **
Missile, Drone and Submunitions Design **
Missiles and Ordnance **
Ordnance for Pentapod Ships **
Rating Star Cruiser Ships **
Science of Star Cruiser ***
Ships of the Pentapod Sphere **
Sleeper Tubes for 2300AD **
Star Cruiser Clarifications **
Star Cruiser Operations **
Stutterwarp, Custom Drives and Tantalum Explanation ***
Sung Starships **
Economics of 2300, a short and dirty Guide **
Firearms Annex #5 **
France in 2300AD **
Guns, guns, guns! **
PBEM Games
Star Cruiser Lite PBEM **
Henry's Star: The Outcome **
Great Game 2 Economic Statistics
Great Britain +
India +
Uruguay +
Mailing Lists
2300AD mailing list (largely inactive)
2300AD Non Canon mailing list (much more active)
Etranger mailing list (quite active, dealing mainly with the military aspects)
Star Cruiser Lite mailing list (currently inactive, no games planned)
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  7. Kevin Clark's Pentapod's World of 2300AD **
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  9. Steve Crutchfield's (?) Deckers Datamine **
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  43. WDR's Pages **

Earle Durboraw's 2300AD--Earthspace, Peter Engebos T'Sarith's Page was permanently lost, as it went down before the Wayback Engine was activated. If anyone has an archived copy, contact me and I'll put it up. The stars are canon rating's (my page rates a **, as do virtually all pages overall). Content is highly variable, from the superlative Etranger to pages with just one or two articles and is unrelated to canon ratings.

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