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Welcome to the Star Wars area at the Dagobah System Site...

While attending high school, I wrote two articles on Star Wars for the school newspaper. They are available here, along with some animated sequences from the Star Wars Special Edition trailer. Click here to view the Special Edition movie posters, along with a few other Special Edition pictures.
If you like any of the graphics on this site, and there isn't already a link to the image, you can right click on the image and use the 'Save As...' option, if your web browser supports that... Please e-mail me ( if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions.
Alot of the files on this site are actually links. They were put there as part of a link exchange deal made with the individual authors of the web sites that are hosting the files. These files may not always be available for download.
NOTE: This site has been closed; it will not receive any regular updates in the near future. Perhaps, at some point, it's author will find enough free time to make updates or even an entirely new site...



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