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All these files require at least Windows 3.x or higher. The themes require Microsoft Plus!
and Windows 95. Some screen savers require either
vb40032.dll or Image Depot Pro.

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swcursor.zip (16.3 KB) A collection of 30 Star Wars cursors for Windows.
swicon.zip (720 KB) Over 200 Star Wars icons for Windows!
bobafett.zip (12.9 KB) Boba Fett cursor collection.
sw-icon1.zip (99.5 KB) Over 100 Star Wars icons.
sw-cur1.zip (7.1 KB) 14 Star Wars cursors.
More icons and cursors available here.




Themes -
assault.zip (1302 KB) Assault on the Death Star, from the makers of empire.zip.
swethm11.zip (787 KB) A Star Wars Empire theme for Windows.
swtheme.zip (1480 KB) A Star Wars theme for Windows.
swrthm11.zip (819 KB) A Star Wars Rebel theme for Windows.
rsw.zip (2.5 MB) Take from the Star Wars movie.
swthm10.zip (2.4 MB) Another Star Wars theme for Windows.
empire.zip (1700 KB) A good Star Wars Imperial theme.
rebtheme.zip (3.9 MB) Another Star Wars Rebel theme for Windows.
StarWarsTheme.zip (1439 KB) Theme featuring the Lambda class shuttle.
STW.zip (611 KB) Vader's first kill.
swtheme2.zip (0.98 MB) A Return of the Jedi theme for Windows.
jawas.zip (672 KB) A good Windows theme featuring the Jawas.
stwrthm2.zip (1558 KB) A good Star Wars theme.
More themes available here.




Misc. -
aurebesh.zip (31.2 KB) Aurebesh font for Windows.
swfigsav.zip (1363 KB) Star Wars action figures screen saver. Requires Image Depot Pro
syoda.zip (20.2 KB) Yoda startup screen for Windows 95.
More available here.




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