~The Moonlight Empire~
Role-playing in an original fantasy, Anime universe.
A work in progress by M.R.Webber
With Contributions by: J.B.Pou, D.A.Principe and W.Shultzaberger
"BIG EYES, SMALL MOUTH" is copyright 1997, 1999 by Guardians Of Order.
A six foot wide path of destruction ripped like a sword wound through the forested hills of Morning's Fall. Shards of torn and broken trees like shattered glass were driven into the surrounding brush, or buried into the raw and smoking earth. The bodies of the dead lying scattered across the path, filling it with the heavy smell of blood and metal.
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~Map of the Empire 
~The Briefest of Histories 
~The 12 Provinces I 
~The 12 Provinces II 
~The 12 Provinces III 
~Beyond the Empire 
~The Foundling Races 
~Orders and Societies. Page I 
~Orders and Societies. Page II 
~Arms and Equipment 
-Items of Rare Magic 
~A Naturalist's Bestiary 
~Bestiary. Page II 
~The Lore of Magic 
~Characters & NPCs
~Secrets of the Empire
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It started by the banks of Dawn's River, where a the blood of a single figure flowed into the muddy waters. The deep prints of charging warhorses lead from the shore, across the rocky sand and into the woods. The trees of the old forester's track splayed back and broken . The destruction and the dead ripping a line through the brilliant canopy that glowed emerald in the heat of the midday sun.

It went on for miles. Up the side of the rolling hills and down into the winding valleys known as the Dragon's Tail. Past the outskirts of the village of Dancing Star, where a decrepit old hut was shorn in two and burning, and out into the deep forest where few dared go.

The path of destruction sped through the trees until it formed a rough clearing at the bottom of a dead end valley. The bodies of men and horses filling the burnt circle with the cries of the scavengers and the screams of the not yet dead. 

The ruins of some great contraption lay smoldering in the centre of the rough circle, its wooden framework exposed like the bones of some giant beast. Black smoke rising from its burning body like a dragon's dying breath.

Three stood at the edge of the clearing. Their weapons were heavy in their hands and their shoulders stooped with the fatigue of battle and flight. One stood apart cradling  a body wrapped in cloth, a small spot of blood pooling through the rags above the heart.

 The tall one with deep water eyes  touched the blade of her sword to her shoulder and looked to the hooded figure standing at the edge of the carnage. A thinning trail of  black smoke rose from his shoulders and from the tip of his blooded halberd. His back was hunched and heaving and his face frozen into a demonic rictus.  Eyes glowing a blood red as they stared blankly across the clearing of the dead.

 Her voice was tired and worn as she asked him.

 "Its never a simple yes or no with you is it?"

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