The last fire and water glow of the twin suns fade like the last notes of a lullaby over the darkening trees of the Werewood. For the briefest instant before the first stars appear, the night sky lies an empty, open black that stretches beyond the limits of forever.

Then the stars appear and the open black fills with brilliant gems. Seven faint glows, each a different, vibrant hue rim the horizon; Amber, Silver, Green, Blue, Red, Violet and a Black so perfect that the eyes slip from its surface like quicksilver on ice. For on this night of the year, and on this night only, all the moons of Talislanta ascend to share the Star and Ebony throne.

From between the trees, shadows move. The chant flows between the trunks like water, filling the forest until the rhythms flow like waves through the canopy. The shadows continue through the trees, swept along by the melody towards the clearing that lays in the centre of the wood.

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The Sanctum Alcedon
A floating continent cast into the the skies of Talislanta. A lone castle standing its forsaken shore Its hallways a forgotten labyrinth filled with archives long thought lost. Dusty tombes of knowledge, both mundane and arcane. Forgotten knowledge of the world of Talislanta

The Parthenthius Volumes.
The Parthenians, their habits and customs hidden behind a face of burnished bronze. Their power is unquestioned, their weath unsurpassed, their secrets many. Until now.
An entirely original Continent and Sourcebook for Talislanta and other Fantasy RPGs.

Tsukiakari Teikoku
The Moonlight Empire. A land carved out of disaster and continued by an uneasy alliance of races. Thrown together to fight against the encroaching Corruption that lays just beyond the mighty Twilight Wall.
An original fantasy world for the Anime RPG,"Big Eyes, Small Mouth"and other Fantasy RPGs.
An open land where no trees dare grow and living rock breaks through the soil to stretch towards the sky. Three stones, set like a doorway rising from the centre of the open down. The standing stones of Werewood, sacred to the witchfolk of Dhuna, and remnants of a civilization long past.
Strange lights play across the stoney surface. Pieces of lightning coloured by the rising moons. The circle of witchfolk draws nearer, a perfect circle of cloaks and staves, feeding the magic with their breathless, constant tune.
A liquid light begins to swirl in the mouth of the portal, clearing as the chant begins to throb with an intensity that seems tangible. The light fades and the witchfolk suddenly still. Beyond this strongest of the standing stones, come the faint breeze, carring the scents and sounds of another world.
Above, the seven full moons continue to rise into the night sky. Born aloft by the fading echoes of their melody

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The Sanctum Alcedon

The Parthenthius

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