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The Middle Tennessee Science Fiction and Fantasy Society
has a new newsletter editor..Reece Morehead. It can be found on the The Middle Tennessee Science Fiction and Fantasy List

MidTennSFF List


was the last xanadu

dan has retired the convention

But there is another science fiction convention in Nashville.

June 23-25, 2006

Days Inn Stadium

formerly the King Of the Road.
211 North First Street
$70.95 a night for king or doubles.
Reserve your rooms under the room code CG1002.
Phone: 615-254-1551 *
Fax: 615-256-0758 *
E-mail: ronbryer@comcast.net
Literary Guest of Honor Tim Powers
Artist Guests of Honor Melissa Gay & Todd Lyles
Special Guests Sherrilyn Kenyon, Brian Keene, Glen Cook, & John Skipp

Updated march 2006

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the Science Fiction and other clubs page of Nashville
updated April 2004

Some of the things in the Pookha's Lair

Resouces for the fledgling SF writer
and artist

For the science of science fiction go to science resources

Explore outer space with links to JPL, Shuttle Missions and Space Agencies around the world.

Hop on the rocketship for a fantastic trip

Watch the night skies
including links to the BSA and Dyer Observatory

Looking for medical resources and want to learn about life here on Starship Earth and outer space then travel to
Life Sciences

The Earth Beneath our Feet and the Ocean's We Wished Were Nearby
for info on earthquakes, geology ect...

The Weather
Including info on El Nino, El Nina and other weather phenomena

For the Science Fiction Fan

SF Doorways
will lead you to places were you can find info on SF fandom including links to fannish glosseries for all those interesting terms ( such as what is a BEM ) plus other fan groups and just about everything else you wanted to know about SF fandom
but were afraid to ask.

Meet other fans at conventions in Tennessee
or conventions in the great wide world

Other places of fannish interest

Home Systems
home pages of local fans past and present plus friends of Nashville fandom

Feeding Your Reading Addiction
including links to authors web pages and book reviews

Words of Wonder
Science Fiction Books: Publishers, Prozines, Fanzines

Not Folk, Filking ( well sometimes folk but never country)

The Games We Play
Role Playing Games, Historical Gaming , Nashville Game Stores ,ect

Science Fiction Media

Nashville my hometown

Not just country music Nashville, TN
The people, the city ,things to do and places to see

Nashville now as an art gallery featuring the work of several local science fiction and fantasy artists
For details check out the The Other Side

Other Links of Interest

Amazing Links:
From the cultural with links to museums
and cool useful sites including recipe sites, projects and crafts places.
To the plain down right weird

Computers, Robots and AI's, Oh My!
And The World Wide Web including places to check out that latest web rumor

It's History
Historical Reference Sites both for the real and alternate kind

Mythology and Folklore Page

Playing in the Past, Living in the Future
The Society of Creative Anachronism
and other medieval, living history or fantasy history organizations

Pookha's Reference
links to online dictionaries and home work help sites and other reference sources

All views, links choices, etc ...are the opinion of Bem Scribe
and sometimes the ever knowledgeable Badger AKA {Tom Norris}

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