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Welcome to my Paris/Torres adoration society page (Andrew and the person helping me write this insisted that I had to have a Voyager page, so I said if I had to have a page, it had to be my way...)

Aren't they cute?

So, who, exactly, are Paris/Torres?

Argh, if you don't know, you don't deserve to grace this page with your presence...

...just kidding.

Paris/Torres stands for Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres, our helmboy and chief engineer, simply the coolest characters on Voyager-- and the cutest couple.

Okay, so she's back from her LOONG hiatus *beams at the half-hearted applause* I'm going to be working on updating the links and I have *long pause* some new fanfic ready to go up. until then, I've added a link to soundstone, where you can listen to and get some neat Trek and non-Trek music (I know, shameless plug). Enjoy!

Follow the evolution of their relationship in my P/T timeline

To celebrate the opening of this page, I've put up a fanfic Cinderella(Voyager Style)

Join me in my exploration of All I Need to Know About Life I Learned From Watching Voyager UPDATED!!!!

In honor of being the first place to carry Day of Honor (or at least the place where I first saw it) here's my Shrine to WalMart!!!!!

The Printer's Press-- My various takes on fanfiction... (right now carries fic from Earth2, Forever Knight,and Voyager


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