"Earth 2" is, without a doubt, one of the greatest television programs of all time. It's a science-fiction drama that manages to touch people's hearts and minds as well as inspiring their dreams.

The main characters

Welcome to my Earth 2 page! E2 is one of my all time favorite shows, and since there are various "Earth 2" things on my website, this is the definitive page to access them all.  I've tried to offer "different" things here - E2 discussions and more that you won't find on other sites.

Important News.

J. Madison Wright, who played True, needs our help.  Visit Char's  J. Madison Wright Update page for the latest information.

New Pacificon 2000 - This Earth 2 convention is being held 7-9 July, 2000 in LA.  (I'm going - I cannot wait to meet all my E2 friends!)  It's going to be fantastic - several guests are already confirmed - so sign up today.

Destiny and Earth 2  A short essay discussing the destiny of the characters intertwined with that of G889.

Dreamin' of G889 Earth 2 had a lot of dreaming in it.  The Terrians have been invading our world too, as evidenced by these bizzare Earth 2-related dreams!  (Always under construction...I need more dreams!)

The Bess-Morgan Webpage! Bess and Morgan, a seriously neglected couple (considering the amount of D/D and J/A fanfic out there) deserve their own page.  Here it is!

My Earth 2 Fan Fiction. I'm not one to brag (yeah, right) but these stories seem to be quite popular.

The Unfinished (Earth 2) Tales of Nic - more of my fan fiction.

Earth 2 Fan Fiction Links  Links to both archives and authors' pages.

Science Fiction Soulmates A brief description of the great E2 couples, and links to detailed information.

My home page with some E2 links and discussion.

Download the Earth 2 midi file  or the theme music wave file.

Thin Line

Earth 2 - Why it was special.

Thin Line

There are a thousand other reasons why "Earth 2" was special, and if you agree, join the campaign to get it back! I recommend the Earth 2 : Eden Advance website for the latest information.

Alternatively, check out : Mary's Earth 2 Site for a truly definitive E2 website.

New Pacificon '98 was thoroughly enjoyed by all who went.  Now make sure you're prepared for NP 2000 - I am going and I can't wait to (finally) meet other Earth 2 fans!


May the Journey Continue... - an Earth 2 fanzine produced by E2 fans.

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