Plunder Bunnies

Monkey Island. One game. My first computer experience. And to this day, I still adore it!

I pose to you a question...what makes Monkey Island so endearing and special? Is it the lovable characters? The fantastic music? The thrilling story line? Or the humor that makes you "laugh so hard that milk comes out of your nose!"?

Whatever it is, millions of people can't be wrong. Monkey Island is a phenomenon that can't be stopped and I can't wait to finally play part 4. Our years of waiting, hoping, and praying were not in vain!

This is one game series that drove me crazy trying to finish it. And I was totally depressed after the ending of "Monkey Island 2". So upset, in fact, that I wrote my own story just to finish it off. Want to read it? LeChuck : The Deep Darkness.
Be warned - this story is an X-files crossover.

Title page for 'LeChuck: The Deep Darkness'

In case you can't tell by reading that story, I adore the relationship between Elaine and Guybrush. From the first moment they laid eyes upon each other, it was pure magic.

This is a page dedicated to their relationship - the two "Plunder Bunnies". Who could ever forget their first meeting, when Guybrush could not utter a single word?  It only got better from then. Elaine chased after Guybrush to save him and they had a magical moment on the dock. (Depending on how you play the game, that is.)

"Oh Governor."
"Oh Threepwood."
"Love muffin"
"Plunder bunny."
"Kiss me!" at first sight. When LeChuck kidnapped Elaine, Guybrush was heartbroken and began a wild chase all over the Carribean and to the fabled Monkey Island just to save her. Such a pity that Elaine didn't need rescuing!

Elaine and Guybrush

No matter what happened during the turbulent times when Elaine left Melee Island and Guybrush behind, the connection was still there. If only Guybrush hadn't opened his big mouth about the Map Piece, they could have been happy together forever!  Never mind. It was Elaine who went to save Guybrush when he blew up half of Dinky Island. It was Elaine who listened to his story, hanging in a hole, for days. It was Elaine who worried about him as he battled it out with LeChuck in the evil one's realm.

When The Curse of Monkey Island begins, a lonely Elaine refers to Guybrush as the one man she ever loved, much to LeChuck's horror.  Following the reunion of Elaine and Guybrush, he proposes (unfortunately with a cursed ring which subsequently turned Elaine into a gold statue).  Once again, Guybrush embarked on a quest to save his one true love and ultimately succeeded.  Finally, they were married.

 True soulmates they are. There has never been anyone else for Guybrush, and their never will be.  We can't wait for Monkey Island 4, where we'll get to see their house!  Guybrush and Elaine are:


Here's a review of "Monkey Island 2" I wrote back in 1993. Monkey Island 2 I guess it's a little outdated now - how things have changed since then!

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