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Over the years I have been making booklists of all the Fantasy Authors I either have read or plan on reading. The only problem is that I plan on reading TOO MANY!!! So, since I have so many complete booklists of various Fantasy Authors, I thought someone else besides me might benefit from them. I have found that this is a much harder task than I figured... I thought 'This will be easy, just look on the first few pages of each book and I'll find a complete listing of each authors works...' NOT SO!! The stupid publishers only put what books they have published, not what books the author has written. I find this practice ridiculous but who am I? So now I have over seventy complete booklists. I just wish I could type a little faster so that all of them could be here. So far I have over 30 complete booklists on this site so feel free to use them. There are also a few Science Fiction authors here, I guess it was inevitable that my interests would expand to include SF.
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Unfortunately, my Fantasy Craze is not limited to books. I often catch my breath on the more beautiful scapes of some other wonderful place. I guess I long for that journey that I know surrounds those paintings. Maybe some artists don't actually make them up, maybe they have the privelege to catch glimpses from other worlds, or maybe its our world... just in another time.
Anyways, here's my collection of art.
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