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Many sightings of a low flying, slow moving, triangular shaped aircraft have been popping up everywhere. Reports of huge boomeranged-shaped crafts with wing spans over 800 feet have been spotted. Witnesses describe these aircraft performing high speed right angled turns or doing slow-speed maneuvers. Many experts have come to the conclusion that these aircraft are probably some kind of blimp aircraft used for high altitude reconnaissance or communications platform. A lot of the sightings have come from the vicinity of Groom Lake otherwise known as Area 51.

Below, I will describe two very important sightings and will compare the two.

The Illinois Sighting

At 4:00a.m. a man drove home from checking on his miniature golf course in Highlands. He got out of his truck, entered his house, and went back outside. Flying from a low altitude northeast towards the southwest, the witness saw "a floating house" with bright internal lights and red lights shining down. He went to the police department and reported what he saw. The dispatcher requested that the Lebanon Police look out for the object.

At 4:10a.m, a Lebanon police officer reported a "massive elongated triangle." The object suddenly turned and flew extremely fast toward Shiloh. There was no noise in this maneuver.

A Shiloh officer witnessed a large black "arrowhead" slowly moving in the night sky. There was no noise and the object suddenly flew about 5 miles at a very high speed.

Police PhotoA, Millstadt police officer sees a "fat arrowhead" flying at a low 500-1000 feet. On the craft there were white flashing strobe lights. He grabbed his Polaroid camera and snapped a picture. The object moved toward Dupo. The photos did not turn out well so he rushed back to the police station and made an unofficial police report and sketches.

At 6:50a.m, a schoolteacher driving on his way to work saw the huge craft. He was driving in Centerville, Illinois which is next to Dupo. He described an arrow shaped craft.

A similar ship had been spotted on December 26, 1999 in California.

Phoenix Lights

Phoenix LightsAlmost everyone is familiar with the March 13, 1997 story of the Phoenix Lights. Thousands of people witnessed these lights hover over Phoenix. The most popular footage comes from a video by Mike Krzystan. There is another side to the story that the media hardly covers. On the same night, a huge triangular craft, similar to the one seen in Illinois, flew across the state of Arizona with similar characteristics.

At 8:16p.m, in Paulden, Arizona, a former police officer and his family witnessed a cluster of red-orange lights. The lights were in a "V" formation moving rapidly.

At 8:16p.m, in Paulden, Arizona, a former police officer and his family witnessed a cluster of red-orange lights. The lights were in a "V" formation moving rapidly.

That same evening at 8:17p.m, witnesses in Prescott, AZ, saw a strange object. They described having seen seven lights per side and two red lights trailing. The lights were in a "V" shape, making no sound, and slowly moving.

Six people in Dewey, AZ saw a cluster of lights in a "V" shape. The craft was no more than 1,000 feet off the ground and slow moving. Other reports came in from Chino, Valley, Tempe, Gelendale, and Phoenix.

At 8:45 ground observers in Tucson spotted a craft. The craft came from the northwest and left Tucson around 9:00p.m.

A young man reported a cluster of lights near Kingman, AZ going towards Las Vegas.

The Explanation

These are a few of the accounts of an unidentified object traveling over Arizona. It is my personal opinion that the famous UFO in Phoenix was indeed flares. The people at the Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix said they saw smoke emanating from the flares. There is much more evidence for the flares theory; but instead of going into great detail, I will get to the point. The flares in Phoenix were most likely a decoy for the real aircraft. The Air Force knew there was a huge object flying over Arizona. They deployed flares near Phoenix. They could use the flares as a cover story for the actual unidentified craft. No matter how many people disagreed, the Air Force insisted that there were only flares that night (no UFOs).

The question still remains: What was traveling over Arizona? The evidence shows a similar object was seen over Illinois and Arizona. Both objects have the characteristics of what is said to be the stealth blimp. Here is the evidence:

What does all this mean? I have reviewed two of the major sightings of huge triangular aircraft. This is just barely scratching the surface. Crafts like these are reported all the time. I believe this is strong evidence for the existence of the stealth blimp. Maybe this kind of technology is being researched at Area 51. Could the stealth blimp be used for high altitude reconnaissance or communications platform? As more information becomes available, I will report it to you.


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