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CyberMonks Hoan Monks
Eiribushi Morning Knights
Geisha The Sightless
The Grey Sentinels Samurai
These eccentric individuals scour the Empire and beyond for the forgotten secrets of Technology. Part of a larger order, but working alone or in small groups, they can be found in city dumps, merchant dock and markets, always searching for pieces of ancient machines. 

The believe Technology to be a two- edged sword, responsible for both the coming of the Corruption, and the key to its destruction. They strive to study and understand the secrets of the ancients through their creations, in the hopes of developing new technologies with which to combat the Corruption. 

In this way they have become experts in tinkering with the assorted bits and pieces they have collected, deciphering their purpose and building new, if unreliable equipment. They horde bits of wire, springs, anything they can get their hands on, constantly building new gadgets and cannibalizing old projects for parts. Many of the monks are actually cyborgs, ragtag pieces of technology attached to their very flesh. 

Acolytes are recruited from the local villages and towns, the monks on the constant look-out for mechanically inclined children. The newly indoctrinated monk then spends the next twenty years learning the secrets of circuit and transistor from a single master. As the cybermonk grows in knowledge and experience, they tend to collect a wide assortment of cybernetics and unwieldy contraptions. 

They are uneasy allies of the TechnoSorcerers, a cabal of magicians with similar goals. But the CyberMonks rely less on the mystical arts and do not distance themselves from the world,  preferring instead  to search out pieces of technology on their own, and use their knowledge for the benefit of everyone in the Empire. . 

CyberMonks as Player Characters: 

Take: Cybernetic Body Attribute (2 points /Level) 
Gadgeteer Attribute  (NEW!) (2 points /Level) 
Unreliable Equipment Defect (NEW!)(+2 points) 

Suggested Equipment 
Robe, sandals 
One weapon (may be part of cybernetic attachment) 
One gadget 

Typical CyberMonk NPC 

B: 3   CV: 4    HP: 22 
M: 5   DV: 2    EP: 27 
S: 6 

Attributes:                                            Defects: 
Cybernetic Body:  Level 1                      Unreliable Equipment +2 
Gadgeteer: Level 2 
Special Attack and/or Defense: Level 2 

The Order of of Wandering Staff
 This religious order was established by the Sennyo to punish those who had committed grievous, non-violent crimes. As a result, its ranks are swollen with counterfeiters, fraud artists and confidence men.  It is also one of the richest institutions in the empire, with a major hand in controlling trade and the price of goods. 

 Those convicted of a such a crime are passed over to the Golden Abbey in southern Yayoka. There the council of Abbot's consider whether their case deserves their attention. If they do, the prisoner is given a choice: join the Order or face life in prison. There is no restriction as to race and humans, kobito and oni all fill the ranks, in more or less equal numbers. Even a few Sennyo, banished from the Moonlit Woods have taken up the Staff. 

 Most choose to join the order. Their punishment is to relinquish their past, take on a new identity, divest themselves of all possessions, shave their skulls and take a vow of avarice. They are then heavily fined and sent out into the Empire, clothed only in a simple black robe, sandals and carrying a staff and single bundle of cloth. From that humbled beginning, they are expected to raise the money for their fine. In this way, the newly appointed ‘brother of the staff' is expected to prove their value to the Empire, or be forced to live in poverty. 

 The fines, usually exorbitant, are measured out by the length of the staff carried by the newly indoctrinate monk. Minor fine is a pile of stacked gold, as high as one staff. Moderate fines can be up to ten staffs high and so on. Any funds raised by the brother of the staff must be brought once a year, in cash the Golden Abbey where it is counted and measured by the Abbots, and deducted from the fine. The money is then pooled back into the economy, minus a healthy accountant's fee taken by the Abbots of course. 

 The brothers are not permitted to go back to their home province, or contact anyone from their old lives and must wear the black robe and sandals at all times. They may not own property,  accept charity or raise the money through illegal means.  Breaking any of those rules means that all funds and business raised to that point are forfeit, and the monk is usually, but not always, carted off to prison. To ensure a healthy atmosphere of paranoia and distrust, the Abbots reward reporting of deviant behavior with a significant reduction of the fine. 

Alone and near destitute, many of the wandering monks started to join together, pooling their resources. Over time, groups of monks have taken over a large chunk of the legitimate mercantile business in the Empire and the black robe and staff have become familiar sights in the markets throughout all the known lands. 

Once a monk's fine has been paid in full, often years or even decades later,  they may choose to return to their old lives or they may remain with the order. The restrictions on owning property and travel are lifted, and the simple black robe is adorned with a purple trim, signifying the rise in rank from Brother to Ledger.  Those who remain with the order  that remain strive to become one of the council of Abbots who sit in the decadence of the Golden Abbey and pull the stings of trade across the empire. 

Brother of the Wandering Staffs as Player Characters: 
Art of Distraction (1 points / level) 
Owned by a Megacorp (Order of the Staffs) defect (+2 points) 
 - includes the Fine and resulting penalties. 

Suggested Equipment 
 A simple black robe, staff and sandals and a cord of cotton. 

Typical (human) Brother of the Wandering Staff NPC 

B: 4    CV: 5     HP: 25 
M: 6   DV: 3    EP: 27 
S: 5 
(As Brothers can be of any race, these stats may vary widely) 

Attributes:                               Defects: 
Art of Distraction: Level 3       Owned by A MegaCorp (+2 points) 
Flunkies: Level 1 



Geisha means "person of art" and they provide music, entertainment, conversation, food and other services for the elite of society. There are two distinct types of Geisha, the more traditional one who only provides light entertainment, and the Korobi Geisha, who are highly priced, and highly trained prostitutes. 

Both types are almost interchangeable and it takes a skilled eye to recognize the difference. Both follow the Way of the Willow, bowing to the strength of the events around them, never breaking under the strain. In this way they maintain their floating world, above the turmoil of the world around them, offering a safe haven for those rich enough to afford it. 
They exist within a ridged and structured society within their Geisha houses. Young girls are sold to the proprietors, or Mama-san's who run the houses with a frugal and motherly fist. Their training begins as soon as they are brought in, learning the civilized skills of conversation, the tea ceremony, haiku, games, musicianship and the more discreet art of pillowing (sex). At the age of twelve the Mama-san decides if the girl will remain a geisha or become Korobi. Korobi geisha are not seen as inferior, and if highly trained are widely praised. Geisha's may occasionally engage in discreet encounters with clients, but have a greater say in who and when they chose. Each is given a rank, with the lower ranks serving peasants and commoners, while a Geisha of the 1st rank may serve the Shogun himself. 

A well trained Geisha is always in great demand from Samurai and merchants, who may buy out the girl's contract and take her home as a consort. Many tales, both tragic and happy are told of the love between Samuraii and Geisha. 

Along with their training in the civilized arts, they receive training in may other arts, including pick-pocketing, disguise, assassination, and other arts of espionage.  The inhabitants of the floating world learned long ago how to protect themselves. 

Geisha  as Player Characters: 
Appearance attribute (1 point / Level) 
Art of Distraction attribute (1 point /Level) 
Special Attack and/or Special Defense attribute (2 points / Level) 
Owned By Megacorp (Geisha House) Defect (+2 points) 

Suggested Equipment 
Kimono, wig and sandals. 
Fan (as weapon) dagger. 
Musical instrument 

Typical Geisha NPC 

B: 3   CV: 4     HP: 18 
M: 7   DV: 4    EP: 27 
S: 4 

Attributes:     Defects: 
Appearence: Level 2    Owned by Geisha House +2 points 
Art of Distration: Level 3 
Special Defense: Level 2* 

* Possible Defenses include: 
-Fan Bash: stunning the attacker for 1d6 rounds 
-Iron Kimono: magically enhanced kimono works as a Armor Level equivalent to level of Attribute. (Ie, Special Defense: Iron Kimono Level 3 would mean that the kimono protects like a Level 3 Armor.) 
-Flash Puff: the geisha carries around a vial of power, that when exposed to heat causes a small explosion, blinding their attacker for 1d6 rounds. (Does not affect geisha) 


 ~The Grey Sentinels~

 The human watchmen of the Twilight Wall, these warriors have devoted themselves to being the first line of defense for the Empire against all outsiders. Formed from the remnants of the human armies after the Foundling War, these men and women have carried on the noble traditions of those ancient warriors. 

 They are a stern and serious group, ever vigilant. On the Twilight wall, they act as border police, constantly monitoring the constant flow of traffic in and out of the Empire. Occasionally they are called upon to defend the wall from armies and creatures who wander in from the Corrupted Lands. They rarely leave the Wall, except to patrol the borders of Jomon province and on missions of great urgency. The human governor of Jomon, the only human govenor in the Empire, is their commander in chief. 

 They dress in simple armor, covered in a grey coat with few decorations. All are trained in the marital arts, sword, spear and bow. 

Grey Sentinel as a Player Character: 
Combat Mastery  (3 points / level) 

Suggested Equipment 
Simple padded chain armor and helmut: A type level: 2 
Grey Coat, three weapons 

Typical Grey Sentinel NPC 

B: 6    CV: 7     HP: 35 
M: 4   DV: 5    EP: 27 
S: 7 

Attributes:                          Defects: 
Combat Mastery: Level 2 
Extra Attacks: Level 1 

 ~Hoan Monks~
 In secluded shrines throughout the empire,  peaceful monks tend their gardens and practice ancient forms of meditation, art and skills of the martial artist. They 
follow the Way of the Kami, possessing neither a definitive theology or godhead, faith or system of ethics. It most closely resembles a nature cult made up of symbols and legends in which everyone in the empire venerates, but few believe in whole heartedly. 

 Those who chose to live in these isolated shrines are there to seek total peace, through mediation and physical labor. They shave their heads, done the simple purple robes and give their lives over to inner peace. There are no vows, and each is free to come and go as they please. 

 Life in the shrine is simple, but fulfilling. They grow crops, tend their gardens, meditate and guide those who come to shrine to pray. Care of the body is important and many or the monks are accomplished martial artists. Different styles are practiced in different shrines, but they all use no weapons other than a simple wooden staff. 

 The shrines can be found anywhere, but are most common in the country, offering shelter for travelers and serving the spiritual needs of the peasants and villagers. 

 Each shine is home to a resident kami, who serves as a blessing on the shrine and as a focus for the monk's prayers. In an earthen jar buried below the shine lives a demon, who represents the destructive side of nature, contained in the face of harmony and peace. 

Hoan Monks as Player Characters: 
Focused Combat Attribute - Unarmed (2points /Level) 
Divine Relationship Attribute* (1point /Level) 

Suggested Equipment 
purple robe, sandals and hat 
ring staff 

Typical Hoan Monk NPC 

B: 5   CV: 6/7    HP: 33 
M: 5   DV: 4/6    EP: 33 
S: 8 

Attributes**:                               Defects: 
Focused Combat: Level 2 
Divine Relationship: Level 2 

*Applies only as long as they completely devote themselves to The Way of the Kami. 
** Samurai and other warriors often stop and  cleanse there souls by taking up the Way for a year or two before returning to their old lives, so the Attributes can vary widely. 

 ~Morning Knights~

 The last of the human forces to fall in the Foundling War. They fought the Oni forces throughout the war, before being driven back their fortress on the banks of the Dawn river in Nara province. There they withstood a siege that lasted  for two years before making one last charge. Their bravery prompted the Sennyo to see value in human forces and prompted the creation of the Grey Sentinels who today man the Twilight Wall. 

 The Morning Knights fought on foot, wielding the massive Morning Swords that were strapped to their forearms and protected by heavy plates of armor. They were experts in all forms of combat, trained since birth in all the arts of war, including their own form of Bushido. Today, possession of a Morning Sword is illegal for anyone other than a Grey Sentinel, who treasure them as sacred artifacts. 


 ~The Sightless~
 A secret order or mercenaries trained in the arts of  assassination, espionage, and infiltration. Oni, human and sennyo, both men and women, they are fanatically devoted to their clan, the Sennyo and the eradication of the Corruption. 

They live in secret monasteries across the lands, disguising themselves as farmers, Hoan monks or villagers. Training day and night to hone their skills in the arts and tools of the ninja. They carry out the orders of the Sennyo, the local Daimyos, and anyone else who can afford their services. 

These warriors of the night believe that the Corruption can take any form. To prevent themselves from being taken in by the many guises of the enemy, they blind their eyes when they join their clan. They train for years to learn how to trust in their remaining senses, and master of the art of Blind Fighting. By the time they have become full fledged NightShadows, they can move like black cats across a starless, night sky. 

They are fond of dogs and often use them as guides, guardians and train them to fight along side them. 

The Sightless as PCs: 
Blind Fighting (Focused Combat Attribute) (2 points/Level) 
and Blind Defect (+1 point) 

Suggested Equipment: 
Grappling Hook (cloth covered) 
Spear or Sword 
4 Shuriken (poisoned) 
Black tabi and hood. 
Disguise (peasant, monk etc) 

Typical NightShadow NPC: 

B: 6   CV: 6    HP: 22 
M: 4   DV: 4    EP: 17 
S: 3 

Attributes:                                 Defects: 
Acrobatics: Level 2                      Blind +1 
Blind Fighting: Level 2                  Owned by Clan +2 
Heightened Senses: Level 3 
Art of Distraction: Level 1 

Flunkies: Level 2 (a dog) 


 Feudal warrior nobles and the Empire's principle landowners. The Oni won the right to become Samurai with their victory in the Foundling War. They were placed that the  top of the social hierarchy and given many privileges by the Sennyo who were looking for someone to run the day to day problems of their Empire.  Given, land rank and title, the samurai are completely responsible for everything that happens in their land, as well as raising taxes and supporting a force of Zentai, or common soldiers. Younger samurai often stay with their parents or serve another, more powerful samurai as retainers, hoping to be awarded a parcel of land of their own one day. Both men and women can become Samurai. In oni society, women are not particularly seen as inferior and are trained to fight along side the men. 

The symbol of the samurai are the Daisho swords and the Bushido code. Bushido, the Way of the Warrior prises honor, loyalty, disipline and courage above all else. The daisho swords, the long katana and the shorter wakizashi, are carried by the samurai, to enforce their laws and the laws of the Sennyo across the Empire. 

All samurai are trained in numerous forms of combat, with the men becoming proficient in the sword and bow while the women more often fight with spear and sword. Besides the martial arts, the samurai are expected to dedicate their minds to more intellectual studies such as poetry (haiku), the tea-ceremony, weaponsmithing or more scholarly pursuits. 

Ronin, landless and unemployed samurai often become bandits or adventurers. Stripped of all honor, these warriors are seen as the lowest of the low. Their daisho broken, and their families stripped of all privalleges, many only dream of recapturing their honor, while others seem to loose all sense of civility and become rampaging, fearsome criminals. 

Other races may become samurai, but these instances are race. In order to do so they must show true Bushido in duty to the Empire, and in the cases of non-Oni the position is not hereditary. 

Samurai as Player Characters: 
Combat Mastery attribute (4 points /Level) 
Defect: Bushido (for 2 Bp)

Suggested Equipment 
Armour, kimono, tabi and sandals. 
Men: Long sword (Katana) short sword (wakizashi) bow (yumi) and quiver. 
Women: Spear and daisho 

Typical Oni Samurai NPC 

B: 7   CV: 7     HP: 30 
M: 4   DV: 5    EP: 20 
S: 4 

Attributes:                                Defects: 
Combat Mastery: Level 2        Bushido: 2 Bp
Extra Attack: Level 1 

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