The Archivist

Choked in dust and layered with age,these forgotten shelves of lore have lain untouched and decaying throughout these long centuries. Now they are yours to explore, a mountain of documents and manuscipts from a time long ago and a world that is no longer ours.
Scholars and students of lore should return here often to continue their studies. For the archivists often come across buried manuscripts of use to those who study the land beyond the world's edge.

The Talislantian Ethnofolio
Cultural notes and essays on the peoples and cultures of Talislanta
The Peoples of Talislanta
Inhabitants, contacts, villians, con-men and archtypes to fill your world
The Theories of Magic and Anti-Magic
Spells, enchantments and magical Items
Nauticus' Atlas of Archeaus
Beyond Talislanta's shores lie new lands to explore and conquer.
Contents of the Archives
Cultural Notes by Stephan Micheal Sechi
On the Warpath
The Ahazu of the Dark Coast
Magic in Cymrillian Society
The Underground Highway of Durne
Speaking the Language of Plants.
The Green Men of the Dark Coast
Among the Slavers.
The Imrians of the Azure Ocean
Intuition or Superstition?
The Jaka of the Brown Hills
Kasmiran Etiquette
The Art of the Deal.
Trading with the nomadic Orgovians
Life Among the Scavengers.
The Stryx of Urag
Thrall Tattoo Symbology
A Field Study of the Wildmen of Yrmania
Shadows Across the Soul.
The Xambrian Witch Hunters
Blood for Blood.
The Za bandits of the Wilderlands
Witches of the Moons
Dhuna Full Moon Rituals by Julie Sliter
Giants of the Wilderlands
The Kharakan Giants by Tim Bloemeke
The Peoples of Talislanta
The Servants of Aa
The Theories of Magic and Anti-Magic
History of the Archean Orb
The Atlas of Archeaus
Map of Talislanta





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