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The Tales of Talislanta

Tales and legends told of this myterious and mythical world

The Streets of Zanth

Inside this archive are tales told of the decadent city of Zanth; half of an ancient capital split by holy war and shaped by the whim of Paradox.
A gathering of troubadors and storytellers have come together to weave together the story behind The Clash of Campions, a contest that will decide the fate of two kingdoms.

The Rules Written by Dennis Bumb.
THE AKMIR STORYDismal's Story: Luck of a Hanged Man Written by Dennis Bumb

  1. Don't Believe the Hype: Chapel's Story Written by Dennis R. Bumb.
  2. Chapter One: Street Show: Zember's Story Written by Adam J. Sonfield.
  3. Half a Life: Josik's Story Written by Matthew R. Webber
  4. Untitled: Tiilin's Story Written by Necromancer
  5. A Matter of Pride: Malachai's Story Written by Dennis R. Bumb
  6. A Long, Strange Day: Half A Life Part II Written by Matthew R. Webber
  7. Yasif's Journal by John Harper
  8. Beauty and the Beast: Dismal's Story Written by Dennis R. Bumb
  9. The Bribe Written by Monk
  10. The Darkness WithinWritten by Siamak x Naficy
  11. The Arimite Connection: A Good Deal Written by Siamak x Naficy
  12. Chapter Two: Shalisa's Tale Written by Adam Sonfield.
  13. Chapter Three: Introductions Written by Adam Sonfield.
  14. Recovery and Recompense Written by Eric Edwards.
  15. Let Sleeping Sindra Lie: Half a Life. Part III Written by Matthew R. Webber
  16. Blood in the Garden: Half a Life Part IV Written by Matthew R. Webber
  17. Zaranth's Story: In Chambers Written by Mustafa
  18. Chapter Four: Such a Friendly Host Written by Adam Sonefield.
  19. A Quite Little Celebration...Chapel's Story Written by Dennis R. Bumb
  20. The Lurker in the Shadows...Malachai's Story Written by Dennis R. Bumb
  21. Memory and Fireworks: Half a Life Part V Written by Matthew R Webber
  22. Yasif's Journal II Written by John Harper
  23. Chapter Five: Gala Finale Written by Adam Sonfield
  24. Little Conversations: Half a Life Part VI Written by Matthew R Webber
  25. The Return of Sohl Lehz Written by Michael 'Necromancer' Wallace





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