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Homemade characters for the "Big Eyes, Small Mouth" RPG.

Body: 11  , Mind:  5  , Soul: 6
HP: 200       EP: 110
CV:  9      DCV: 8
MCV:  5    DMCV: 3

Attributes: Appearence 3, Combat Master 3, Damn Healthy 5, Energy Bonus 3, Flunkies: Dragon Army (on Shadow of the Dragons only) 3, Fortified Body 4, Heightened Senses 2, Magic: Logrus 2, Massive Damage 5, Shape Change 4.

Defects: Appitite, Mental Unstability, Motion Sickeness (while travelling through Shadow) ,  Loyalty (To Rhiannon).

Magic Powers:
Logrus:  Can summon items from Shadows. Can pull himself through the Shadows.
Shapeshift: Can create creatures from his blood that will fight for and protect him.

Note: The high stats are because Skalze is originally from an "Amber" Campain.

      Originally an ancient red dragon who ruled over the Shadow of the Dragons, Skalze was cursed into the form of a man by Liona, the most ruthless and ambitious of the Amberites,  for killing soldiers she had sent into his realm to hunt dragons.
    Soon after, he was contacted by a mysterious figure who struck a deal with the dragon. If he would care for a young girl named Rhiannon, then the man would cure his curse.  Skalze agreed, assuming he could always kill the girl if the man went back on his word.
     And so Skalze became Rhiannon's guardian.  Over the centuries coming to care, in his own way for the precosious child.
    As Rhiannon became a woman, they learned that she was destined to become the new Queen of Amber. Skalze, despite his dislike (and appitite) for humans, and his induction into the Logrus Chaos Magics,  remains Rhiannon's most loyal subject. He is only now beginning to come to terms with how he really feels about Rhiannon.
    Centuries of being locked into human form, and his use of Chaos magic have made Skalze a tad unstable. He tends to favour odd forms, spouts non-sequiters at the most unfortunate times and has a tendency to eat pretty much anything.
    Most recently, he has re-gained the ability to transform back into dragon form.

Takahashi Hiro and Goomi
Body: 10   Mind: 2    Soul: 2
HP: 70     EP: 20
CV: 7  DCV: 5

Attributes: Combat Mastery 3, Damn Healthy 1, Extra Attacks 2, Flunkie-Goomi 1, Fortified Body 1, Massive Damage 2.

Defects: Involuntary Shape Chage (Shrinks to 2' tall when angry).  Can't talk to women.  Arrogant and quick to anger.

 Takahashi Hiro is a young man with a large shock of red hair and who wears traditional a chinese coat and pants. He is an accomplished martial artists, but because of curse placed on him by the Wizard Elves for  arguing with their queen, he shrinks to only 2 inches tall when angry.
 His constant compainion is Goomi, a minature, overwieght tiger with wings who carries him away from danger whenever he shrinks. 

Aieon Zuku
Body: 9    Mind: 5    Soul: 10
HP: 95    EP: 85
CV: 10/8   DCV: 6

Attributes:  Extra Attacks 2, Focused Combat (Katana) 2, Fortified Body 1, Strong Soul 2. Item of Power (Create) 1.

Defects: Ronin

Katana sword 19 damage
Oni Samurai Armor: A 2, +90
Chest of tools
Piecemeal armour: A2, +40

 Once an Oni samurai, Zuku grew disillusioned with the ways of a warrior. He set aside his sword and became a Hoan monk. There he learned the ways of steel, fire and the hidden secrets of the blade.  Soon his blades became famous across the Moonlit Empire, and he was called to the Emperoress herself deep within the Moonlight Woods.
 Whatever he was within those night drenched woods he will not say, but when he returned, he   did not return to his monestary. Instead he has become a wandering smith, repairing peasent pots and ronin blades alike.

Master Ogi
Body: 2    Mind: 7   Soul: 11
HP: 65    EP: 95
CV: 6   DCV: 5

Attributes: Divine Relationship 3.  Cybernetic Body 3.  Massive Damage 3.  Inventor  2.

Cybernetics:  Laser Arm: Damage 20.  Armored torso, B3, -12.

 Master Ogi is a short, wrinkled old man who always hides his hands within the folds of his oversized purple robes. He is a cybermonk from Jomon province with some heavy cybernetic modifications. His torso is almost all metal, and as such he is incredibly heavy for someone of his apparent height and age. His right arm has been transformed into a cannon that can fire a tremendous blast for massive damage. 

Boi and his Yak

Body:  4     Mind: 4    Soul: 4
HP: 40     EP: 60
CV: 5    DCV: 3

Attributes: Animal Companion 5.
 A young street urchin, this black haired, mop headed boy is constantly accompanied by his pet Yak, a huge, bad tempered bovine.

Body: 12  Mind: 1.  Soul: 6
HP: 120    EP: 35
CV: 6/ 7: Focussd Combat/  8: Special Attack       DCV: 4

Attributes: Massive Damage 2, Special Attack (Ram) 2. Focused Combat 1,  Damn Healthy 1.

Defects: Dull Senses. Offensive Smell. Dubious Personal Habits.

Notes:  The Focussed Combat is only when Boi is hurt or in direct danger. Otherwise the giant animal is rather slow, placid and extremly offensive to smell.
Damage on a Ram attack: 29.

Everything written by M.R.Webber unless otherwise noted.
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