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Amanjaku - Finally, I got to ask my sources about Brinn. Here's what I've found out so far: They are a desert nomadic race, not native to the plane I'm originally from (I'm Sidhe, but not quite sure where I fit into the scheme of things as defined on TirNanOc). Anyway, the Brinn can be more intelligent than humans, and are instinctively, as a race, searching for something. I have no idea what that may be. They are, as I have said, nomads; But when they find a place that's too good to let go of, they will leave a small outpost there. They tend to get along quite well with all of the other races around them, except for two. One of these is a great, worm-like critter, (reminds me of Dune ;) ), and the other is a bipedal, human-looking race. I don't know why they don't get along, but anthropological theory would suggest that they are competing for resources - land, water, or whatever.

Linz (who is Brrrnn herself): there are two types of Brinn; the closest translation of their names are "NewBrinn" and "OldBrinn." they are like two branches of the same tree, but the OldBrinn (as their name indicates) have been around longer. the NewBrinn seem to have evolved slightly differently. their throats are different, and so they are incapable of talking in the language of the OldBrinn. The OldBrinn, however are fully capable of spekaing NewBrinn. the OldBrinn language is very much from the back of the throat, a rumbling purring noise that humans cannot duplicate. however, human throats are capable of speaking NewBrinnese. the OldBrinn call themselves Brrrnn, but the NewBrinn, being unable to make this noise, call themselves the Brinn. the meaning is the same, but the pronounciations are different. therefore,

Brinn = NewBrinn
Brrrnn = OldBrinn

Other differences include: the Brrrnn have thicker fur, and the Brinn tend to shed more, so the Brinn actually have to wear clothing to keep warm during the cold seasons. there always were two types of Brrrnn, but the two grous were identical, the only difference being their locations. when these two groups got together and started mating and breeding, the result was the Brinn. at first the Brinn were thought to be sickly, but there were enough differences and enough children born thus differently to make the Brrrnn realize that the Brinn were genetically different. luckily enough, these differences never seem to have caused any strife amonst the Brrrnn/Brinn. they are a rather peaceful group (amongst themselves, that is.. just be sure not to ever piss them off!).

also, the Brrrnn seem to be very fond of spicy foods, whereas the Brinn cannot stand, or even physically tolerate, the taste of the spices of which the Brrrnn are so fond.

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