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Since I was the one who brought Zecharia Sitchin up on the list, I would like to add to what a couple of previous posts have pointed out. The examples that have been listed show Sitchin's sloppy methodology and unreliability, but they haven't listed the kind of thing he advocates. In the interval since I brought it up I bought 3 of his books, read one and skimmed another.

I also found a great new word. Sitchin takes a *euhemeristic* position (Euhemerus or Evemerus-- Greek philosopher circa 300 B.C. who proposed that there was an actual historical basis for mythical beings and events), that all myths are only altered historic memory, i.e. he wants to interpret the Bible and other myths as historic records of real events. This is the same technique used by Immanuel Velikovski and Von Danniken.

The summaries and quotations come from his first book *The Twelfth Planet* NY: Avon (not quite an academic press :-)) 1976. He has written 3 more books, which were referred to in the other posts that have been written. The book is 300+ pages and does not have a single footnote nor are any of the numerous line drawings which are used as proof of his statements identified as to their identity of source. A list of books and titles of journals (but no specific articles or volumes) consulted is given at the end of the book as the sole documentation.

An example of the type of evidence and deduction are the claims proposed for what is claimed to be an ancient Sumerian inscription. p.35. [Ancient Sumerians] "That radioactive materials were known and used to treat certain ailments is certainly suggested by a scene of medical treatment depicted on a cylinder seal dating to the very beginning of Sumerian civilization. It shows, without question, a man lying on a special bed; his face protected by a mask, and he is being subjected to some kind of radiation."

Some of the key claims are that:

p. 221-229. [no time frame is provided for any of this] The unstable solar system was made up of sun, moon + nine planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Tiamat, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune). It was invaded by and trapped a large comet-like planet from outerspace (Marduk). Satellites from Mardul first hit Tiamat and subsequently Marduk hit Tiamat converting it into the asteroid belt + Earth. Earth's moon was previously Tiamat's satellite.

p. 238. The [12th] "planet," Marduk has an elliptical orbit like a comet around the sun. At perigee the orbit is between Mars and Venus and the apogee is in deep space.

p. 247. Claims astronomers today don't know Marduk is there because it is too deep in space. However, says Babylonians expected period to be 3600 years

p. 256. Also get panspermia-- life had already started on Marduk at the time of collision and it seeded the half of Tiamat that became Earth and got life started here.

2. Life developed much faster on Marduk and its inhabitants, who are the Nephilim cited in the Bible, visited and ruled Earth thousands of years. p. 249-250... each visitation a multiple of 3600 years (beginning about 432 thousand years ago.). Each time Marduk near Earth could change Nephilim rulers (however, because 1 Nephilim year = 3600 Earth years their lives were much longer because 3600 Earth years were only one year of their lifetime.

3. The Nephilim created modern humans by genetic manipulation 300,000 years ago.

p. 339. "But evolution cannot account for the appearance of *Homo sapiens*, which happened virtually overnight instead of the millions of years evolution requires and with no evidence of earlier stages that would indicate a gradual change from *Homo erectus*. The hominid of the genus *Homo* is a product of evolution. But *Homo sapiens* is the product of some sudden evolutionary event. He appeared inexplicably some 300,000 years ago, millions of years too soon. The scholars have no explanation. But we do. The Sumerians and Babylonian texts do, the Old Testament does. *Homo sapiens*-- modern man-- was brought about by the ancient gods."

p. 344. The process was the genetic manipulation of Homo erectus by Ea [chief scientist].

p. 346. Sphinx may be image of a failed attempt to cross humans with lions.

p.348-350. Mixed "clay" from Earth and "blood" from gods. "The hospital-like house where Ea and the Mother Goddess went to bring Man forth was called the House of Shimti... but Shimti meant. literally, "the house where the wind of life is breathed in.." The goddess involved was Enki's wife NIN.TI ("Lady who gives life.").

p. 356-357. Process involved mixing genes of male "gods" + female genes of *H. erectus*. These fertilized ova were cloned, implanted in female Nephilim who served as surrogate mothers.

p. 368-369. First *H.sapiens* were sterile because they were hybrids.

p. 377-386. When sons of Nephilim began to have sex with human females, the Gods voted to destroy humans, and ordered a Deluge. But the epic of Gilgamesh, Noah's precursor, describes how a human pair was saved and able to reproduce.

p. 395. The boat constructed by the Sumerian [Noah] was a submarine.

p. 411. Argues that Deluge took place at the end of the last Ice Age about 13 thousand years ago.

There are a lot of great claims ;-), but this will give you the meat of the book.

Bernard Ortiz de Montellano

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