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Zecharia Sitchin's ancient astronaut theories - a skeptical archive

The material in this archive has been culled from USENET, BITNET, the ANE archive and personal correspondance (principally with Martin Stower of the University of Liverpool). To encourage a serious scientific debate I have tried to present a spectrum of opinions about Sitchin's work, from favorable (top) to skeptical (bottom). In the middle are some links to (conventional) scholarly resources to ancient Mesopotamia and astronomy. The opinions expressed are those of the authors, of course.

The Return of the Anunnaki (Willard Van De Bogart)

Sitchin's works

An interview with Z. Sitchin

The Earth Chronicles: a time chart (Dave Schultz)

zoomQuake - mega-index to related material (Peter Szabo)

Sumerian mythology FAQ (Christopher Siren)

A Guide To Ancient Near Eastern Astronomy (Hope Anthony)

History of Astronomy: Items: Astrology, Mythology, Religion, etc. (Wolfgang R. Dick )

Sumerian Text Archive (Bram Jagersma and Remco de Maaijer)

Babylonian and Assyrian cuneiform texts, an introduction (John Heise)

The hypothetical planets page at SEDS (Paul Schlyter)

Doug Weller's Cult Archaeology page

Some of Sitchin's claims (Bernard Ortiz de Montellano)

Forging the Pharaoh's name? (Martin Stower)

Skeptical review of SITCHIN'S TWELFTH PLANET (Rob Hafernik)

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