The Zip Files Have Been Fixed

Proof that you can do something interesting with COMAL.

The Explination

In both Robots and Srobots you program you own robot in a virtual machine code. These robots, effectivelly Virtual Computers, are then placed in an arena and it's then a fight to the death amongst all the other entered robots to become the winner

If you've ever programmed Corewars programs you'll fell right at home, but now you have the added advantage of really being able to see your creations, lets be honest watching MARS go through it's paces has never been the most exciting thing in the world. You get a much more visual feedback on what's happening. These are both MS-DOS programs.

What on Offer

From the Download section below you can download:

If you wish to send me robots to put on this Web Site I can only say, YES.
The best way would be to send me the *.SKA as e-mail to my address


Download the origional robots [178K]
Download the more advanced Srobots [277K]
Download robots for Robots [4.18K]
Download robots for Srobots "I have no robots worth downloading yet please send me some"

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