Bio-Booster Medical Pack

This pack was developed from some of the alien containment samples that were taken from one of the missions. (See Crash Landing) The packs are a mixture of synthetic adrenaline, caffeine, and the alien compound. The packs will help a wounded agent wake up from being knocked out; as well as give them a temporary healing effect. The packs are not ment to be used as a replacement to normal rest, and medical operations, but are a great help for those agents that are in a desperate need of quick recovery.
Game Terms: Gain back 3d6 Hit points and 4d6 SDC. Can not exceed the maximum SDC or Hit points; any extra is NOT transferred to the other.
First time Use: -2 to strike, parry, and dodge, +1 to Inish.
Duration: 4 melees.
Second or more Used within 10 minutes: -2 to attack, -6 to parry and dodge, -4 to strike and +6 to Inish. Roll vs. System Shock or be out for 1d6 hours. Also the Agent is so wired that trying to do anything that requires a delicate touch or skilled hands is at a -20%, this includes prowl, but not perception, because the Agent is on the look for anything, he gets a +20%. All effects at this point are cumulative. Any use over four will ALWAYS result in the above penalties as well as being out for 1d6 hours. The effects last for 4 melees, per pack.
Note: Giving a person more then six in one day will result in the person going into a comma, and possible death. 1