Bio-Mine; Living Weapon

The Bio-Mine is a metal looking disk, slightly larger then a Frisbee, but about an inch and a half thick. There is a large silver disk in the center of it, which has three branches that spread to the edge of the disk. This kind of looks like a radiation symbol. At the sides of the branches their are cables that seemed to run around and under the branches. This object is a living weapon. Under spectral scan it gives off almost no heat, and it can sit in one spot for almost indefinite amount of time. The weapon is activated when a living creature touches any part of it. When activated the creature quickly extends its cable like tentacles and entangle the persons leg. The tentacles inject the person with a paralyzing toxin that will prevent movement and speech. It also slows the heart and bodily functions down to almost nonexistent rates. The chemical could be very useful in the future. The cables then pull the persons leg into what can only be called its mouth. Its really not sure how it can eat a person so fast, but with a combination of an extremely strong acid and its blender like teeth, it can completely eat an adverage man in 15 seconds! The creature is so efficient that there is no waist at all. It will use everything it digests to fuel itself. The grip of the tentacles are so strong that it will almost always require two or more people to pull a victim free, or finding some way to quickly cut the persons limb off.
Game Terms:
Damage: 1d4x10 to any given limb or person that makes the mistake of striking the creature. This is enough damage to easily take off anyone's limb, but the tentacles grab on and keep pulling the victim in.
Poison: Paralyzation, save of 16 or better to the victim will become paralyzed, and not be able to speak or move, but will still feel everything. If a save roll is made, there is no effect, but the tentacles will keep inject the person each round they are attached.
Hit Points: 20 SDC: 100
Note: It takes a total PS of 30 or greater to pull someone free. And a person by themselves can not pull themselves free if the creature has the persons leg. This is because the person is so off balance they can not get a good grip.