Bio-Electrical Power Dampining System
Bio-Electrical Power Dampining System

With the increased number of super powered, and geneticly altered humans and aliens showing up, S.N.A.I.L. has delevloped the Bio-Electrical Power Dampining System, or BPDS. This device will block the natural, or unnatural biochemical signals that are sent threw an individuals body that will cause his to display or have super abilitys.

There are currently two types of systems. There is the gauntlet and foot/leg unites that are used when an agent is in the field and needs to contain, yet still interact with a captured individual, without the risk of being harmed by this suspects unusual powers or abilitys. The only draw back to this unit is that they are large, and bulky and only have about 3 hours of active use before they need to be recharged.

The second device is the larger room sized unit. This is, infact a room that has been desined to produced the bio-electrical dampaning signals. This room has an almost indefinet life, becuase it is feeding off the power of the main complex. This room only has two draw backs, one is that any person with unusual powers that enters the room will have there powers temperarily shut down. The second draw back is once a person leaves the room, they will get there powers back almost instantainlusly.

Game Terms: Gauntlet Unit: SDC: 40, AR: 12
Note: The BPDS is effectivly a mechanical version of the Negate Super Powers power. It will not however effect Cybernetics, or people who have been mechanicly enhanced.