Collapsible Arm Shield System
Collapsible Arm Shield System

With the increased development of Flex-Steel, the scientist have been able to take the simplest of ideas and stretch them even farther. Because of the light weight, and its ability to be molded and shaped into almost any form, the scientist at S.N.A.I.L. where able to come up with the Collapsible Arm Shield System.

CASS is s foldable arm shield that can expand and collapses when the user squeezes the control unit mounted in the palm. The unit covers the forearm, and has a special gauntlet that houses the control unit. The shield will unfold in a circular patter to its full size. The shield can then be used either to protect the user from hand to hand attacks, or some ranged attacks.

Game Terms:
Size: Varies with the user, The shield radius is that of the users forearm.
SDC: 40, AR: None, because it is used to parry, it will always take the damage.
Bonus: +2 to Parry.
Damage: If used as a weapon, it will do 1d8 points of Damage, but is -3 to strike because of its unusual positioning. Unless the agent is trained in the uses of shields in combat.
Note: Trying to perform skills, or other tasks like firing a rifle, or other two handed weapons when the shield is open is very difficult, -3 to strike, and -20% to any skill that requites good hand movements. If the shield is down to 10 SDC or less it will no longer collapse.