Cold Chamber:

The cold chamber is a special high-tech reinforced Plexiglas cage. Its purpose is to take a frozen or suspended target and keep him that way for the trip back. The chamber is filled with the special gas at a special rate to keeping the target frozen, so it does not thaw.
Damage: See Special.
Duration: The chamber will last for up to a week of none stop use. It can be recharged while still in operation. The gel/liquid from the Cold-Packs can be used to recharge the chamber. Add one day for every 10 shots left in the tank.
Special: If an unfrozen target is thrown into the chamber frozen and it is switched on, it is like getting hit by the Cold-Pack a hounded times at once. The target takes 1d6*10 points of damage when the chamber is first turned on. There is a 45% chance of instant freeze when the target is first placed inside. Also there is a system shock, save vs. lethal poison 14, or the target goes into shock and dies. All P.E. bonuses apply. This only applies if the target freezes right away, if they do not, then the body has time to adjust. For every round the target is in the chamber there is a +15% chance of freezing, but they gain a +3 to save vs. going into shock.
Note: The above is only applied when an unfrozen target is placed in the chamber.