Rachel Warren was a very bright student, who saw her future at an early age. She went to medical school to become a doctor, but not as a normal civilian doctor, but as a FBI medical agent. She finished with her medical education and moved onto the FBI academy for her final stage of training. While at the academy her skills where noticed by several members of S.N.A.I.L. Tom Nipple took the chance to ask her to join this special branch of the FBI. She took the chance but did not know what she was really getting into.

An early part of her time in S.N.A.I.L. she became interesting in there experimental robotics and exoskeleton program. With her training, and her high mental endurance she was able to become one of the first to field test the equipment. She was given the right to use the gear, but do to unseen events she was only able to pilot the exoskeleton once.

With the unseen event at the end of the teams mission to destroy the Sollreotin chemical plant, (See Belly of the Beast for more information), she would be without her exoskeleton for some time. The group would find her very valuable with her medical skills. She would suffer for her investigative skills. She would loose her right arm because of some unknown blob like creature. A mystic shaman would give her, her arm back. Sometime later when the group was making a last stand to try and return home, Rachel would be shot, and then attacked by a man-dog and would finally die from the wounds.

Real Name: Dr. Rachel Warren
Alias/Code Name: Crusher
First Appearance: What's in the Box?
Last Appearance: Plays from the Past
Alignment: Scrupulous
Hit Points: 24, S.D.C. 51
Weight: 150 lb., Height: 5'8", Age: 27
Attributes: I.Q. 14, M.E. 15, M.A. 14, P.S. 26, P.P. 21, P.E. 15, P.B. 15, Spd. 15
Experience Level: 3
Combat Skills: Martial Arts
Attacks Per Melee: 5/6
Bonuses: +2 to strike, +9 to parry and dodge, +11 to damage, and +5 to roll
Bonuses in Exoskeleton: +3 to strike, +13 to parry and dodge, +35 to damage, +3 to Inish, and +5 to roll
Other Bonuses: PER: 43%
Super Power Category: Exoskeleton
Exoskeleton Systems: SDC: 550, AR: 13, and reinforced crew compartment: SDC: 50, AR: 19. Exoskeleton Abilities: Legs Spd: 200, Arms PS: 50, robot training, fusion power system, underwater capabilities, sound analysis CPU, Advance robot optics, laser targeting, video & audio surveillance system, combat CPU, motion detector, touch sensor system, bio scan, modulating voice synthesizer, self destruct, concealed VTOL: system, life support system, pressurized cabin and secret compartment (Bio-Pack and extra clothes).
Exoskeleton Weapon Systems: Retractable Blades; 3d6 + 35, Electrical Discharge; 4d6, Ion Rod; 3d6 r:36, Mouth Flame Thrower; 3d6, Spike and towline; 1d6, and Chemical Spray; (Tear Gas, CO2 Foam).
Educational Level: Doctorate
Scholastic Bonus: +35%
Skills of Note: Criminal Science/Forensics 85%, Paramedic 98%, Pathology 95%, Medical Doctor 98%/98%, Math: Basic & Advanced 98%/98%, Computer Operations 98%, Cryptography 80%, Laser 90%, Optic Systems 98%, Radio: Basic, Radio: Scrambler 90%, Radio: Satellite 75%, TV Video 90%, Read Sensory Equipment 90%, Biology 90%, Chemistry 98%, Chemistry Analytical 95%, Boxing, Gymnastics, Acrobatics, and Swimming 98%
Secondary Skills: Basic Electronics 45%, Athletics, Body Building, W.P. Sub Machine Gun, W.P. Auto Pistol, Escape Artist 45%, Prowl 80%, Navigation L.A.W. 75%, Helicopter 72%, and Pilot: Automobile 72%
Appearance: (See Image)
Occupation: Agent of S.N.A.I.L.
Weapons: She will use any number of the built in systems, but she also uses an Ingram or a Colt .45
Vehicle: None other then her Exoskeleton.
Body Armor: Can use Either Light or Heavy Flex-Steel armor, but will most likely use her exoskeleton.
Money: Standard S.N.A.I.L. pay; $2000 Bi-Monthly.
Note: She has a fear of Jello, Pudding, and other blob like things. (See Trail Between two Cities).