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Full Body Spikes

New Bionics

Full Body Spikes

This implant covers the persons body with large metal spikes. The implant is activated by the user when ever they want to. The activation costs one attack. The spikes will rip through clothing, armor, or anything else the person has on. The spikes cover the arms, legs, knuckles, back, spine, and chest. Basically the outer part of the areas are covered. The user does have some control of where the spikes will come. He can do sections, like the left are, or the right, left leg or right. Upper arm, rather then the lower part. But changing the location will lower the AR. The chest has a base AR of 10, plus one for the arms, and plus two for the legs. The spikes come out of small recourses just under the skin, and break their way to the surface from small gappings. The gappings are almost unnoticeable from a distance, but will become apparent under close examination. The extending of the spikes does cause a deal of pain when first extended.

The good part is that anytime someone attacks you, they will be hit by the spikes. For every physical hit roll 2d4 to see how many spikes the person hit, and then roll that damage to the person. If he was hit with a weapon, the weapon will take the damage. Metal swords, knives, ect are not effected because they are too strong to be broken by the spikes. The metal weapons will skip off the spikes more easily, so when using a metal weapon the borgs AR is +2. (Includes bullets.) Wooden weapons will become stuck or attach to the borg. This is good and it is bad. If the attacker fails a strength check, then the weapon is stuck, and he must spend an attack to retrieve it, if he makes it, then no attack action is need. Spikes have an effective PS of 1/4 the borgs with a minimum of 15. Once knocked out the borg will not go back to normal. The borg can not take off his spikes.

SDC: +55, Max. AR: 13
Horror Factor: 13
Damage: 1d4 points per Spike
Body Block: 2d4 Spikes + PS Damage Bonus
Arm Swipe/Close Line: 2d6 Spikes + PS Damage Bonus
Grab/Squeeze: 4d4 Spikes
Punch: 4d4 points (4 spikes) + PS Damage Bonus
Other: Add +30 lbs. to the borgs weight.
Penalties The spikes make it difficult to perform skills that require a delicate hand, -25% to any such skill. -2 to strike, parry and dodge for one melee when first extended. -5 to the overall PB because of the odd texture of the skin.
Note: The extra SDC is at all times, but the AR is only when all the spikes are out.