David Bishop
Commander of Gamma Squads
Real Name: David Bishop
Alias/Code Name: Blocker
First Appearance:
Alignment: Principled
Hit Points: 88, S.D.C. 89
Weight: 260 lb., Height: 5'10", Age: 31, Sex: Male
Attributes: I.Q. 13, M.E. 9, M.A. 22, P.S. 26, P.P. 33, P.E. 33, P.B. 15, Spd. 18
Experience Level: 11
Combat Skills: HTH: Basic
Attacks Per Melee: 8
Bonuses: +11 to damage, +15 to dodge, and parry, +11 to strike, and +14 to roll.
Other Bonuses: +36% vs. coma/death, +9 vs. poison & magic, 70% trust/intimidate, and PER: 59%.
Super Power Category: Mutant
Major Super Abilities: Create Force Field
Minor Super Abilities: Ext: PE, and Ext: PP
Side-Effect: Stocky
Educational Level: Three Years of College
Scholastic Bonus: +20%
Skills of Note: Cryptography 98%, Laser 98%, Optic Systems 98%, Radio: Basic 98%, Radio: Satellite 98%, Radio: Scrambler 98%, T.V./Video 98%, Computer Repair 98%, Locksmith 98%, Mechanical Engineer 98%, Robot Mechanics 65%, Acrobatics, Boxing, Climbing 98%, Gymnastics, Wrestling Read Sensory Equipment 98%, and Math: Basic 98%.
Secondary Skills: Computer Operation 98%, Computer Programming 95%, Basic Electronics 55% Escape Artist 60%, Land Navigation 84%, Wilderness Survival 70%, W.P. Automatic Pistol, First Aid 98%, Athletics, Body Building, Prowl 98%, Running, Swimming 74% and Automobile 98%
Appearance: (See Image)
Occupation: Commander of all the Gamma Squads.
Weapons: Can use anything avalible, but likes to use an old 45 that he has had sence he join S.N.A.I.L.
Vehicle: None, but can gain access to anything that he might need.
Body Armor: Either Light or Heavy Flex Steal armor. He will also use his powers to provid himself protection.
Money: Advanced S.N.A.I.L. pay; $52,000 a year.