Bryan was the black sheep of the family. He never got along with his parents or his older brother. He was always getting into trouble and causing fights at school. Bryan even spent time in juvenile hall for petty crimes. When he finished high school he decided to join the Air Force to get away from his parents. His father, a minister, refused to believe his son would want to waist his life in the armed forces, killing people. He joined the Air Force to follow his dream of flying. The Air Force gave him the direction and discipline that he needed. He became a first lieutenant after only a few years in the service. He gained a great respect with the other officers. When he was approached by Tom Nipple to be apart of a special government agency, he new this was a chance to really become something more, and show his parents that he was worth something. Little did he know that one of the main factors he was chosen over other possible candidates, was his genetic makeup gave him a good chance of survival for there Super Human Program. Bryan didn't know it at the time he joined, but he would never be able to contact his family again, because to the world he was considered dead.

Real Name: Bryan Gardner
Alias/Code Name: Agthork
First Appearance: It Fell from the Sky
Alignment: Scrupulous
Hit Points: 27, S.D.C. 132
Weight: 185 lb., Height: 5'10", Age: 24
Attributes: I.Q. 23, M.E. 14, M.A. 15, P.S. 29/24, P.P. 15, P.E. 20, P.B. 13, Spd. 12
Disposition: Wild man, cocky, takes unnecessary risks,
Experience Level: 3
Combat Skills: Hand to Hand Martial Arts
Attacks Per Melee: 5
Bonuses: +2 to strike, +5 to parry and dodge, +14 to damage, and +8 to roll.
Other Bonuses: +3 save vs. Psionic Attacks, +10% save vs. Comma/Death, and Per: 48%
Super Power Category: Experiment
Major Super Abilities: Plant Control
Minor Super Abilities: Energy Expulsion: Energy 4d6, and Super Vision: Ultraviolet/Infrared.
Side-Effect: Odd Skin Texture
Educational Level: Bachelors Degree
Scholastic Bonus: +25%
Skills of Note: Navigation: Space 98%, Navigation: L.A.W. 98%, Read Sensory Equipment 89%, Weapon Systems 90%, Pilot: Helicopter Combat 98%, Pilot: Jet 98%, Boxing, Fencing, Gymnastics, Prowl 54%, W.P. Sword, Paired Weapons: Sword, W.P. Chain, and Demolitions 72%
Secondary Skills: Roll Playing Game Design 53%, Pilot: Automobile 98%, Computer Operation 84%, Basic Electronics 64%, Auto Mechanics 70%, Language: Speak Japanese 79%, First Aid 74%, Wilderness Survival 64%, Body Building, Basic Math 95%, Read & Speak Native Language 98%, W.P. Auto Pistol, W.P. Semi & Full Automatic Rifle, Pick Locks 49%, and Pilot: Motorcycle 73%
Appearance: He is an average looking man, brown short hair, and hazel eyes. His skin has an odd texture which is the result of the chemical experiment he went threw. (See Images)
Occupation: S.N.A.I.L. Agent
Weapons: Has his choice of any weapon per mission, but prefers to use two Katanas and a special dart gun with knockout darts. He also has a dart gun built into his left arm. It can hold up to four darts.
Vehicle: Can get any vehicle that fits with the mission.
Body Armor: Either Light or Heavy Flex-Steel armor.
Money: Standard S.N.A.I.L. pay; $2000 Bi-Monthly.
Note: His Left arm has been replaced with a Cybernetic limb. (See It Fell From the Sky.) It has a total P.S. of 24, and an S.D.C. of 35. He also has a fear of Aliens. (See It Fell From the Sky.) His left lung has been replaced, as well as the rest of his left arm is now totaly cybernetic, and has a permanent limp. (See Big Hunt)