Electrical Discharge Cannon
Electrical Discharge Cannon

The Electrical Discharge Cannon was designed to deal with possible rogue robots, or cyberneticly enhanced people. The gun looks like a combination of a large M16 style gun, with a large group of electrodes attached to the front. It was discovered that it worked just as well on the high-tech equipment of S.N.A.I.L. as it did with normal vehicles. This is an excellent weapon addition to any team that might run into any technically enhanced Alien team. This weapon will also work on any type of high-tech equipment from computers to energy weapons.

The main flaws with the weapon are that it requires such a great amount of energy to produce the discharge, that the clips required is very large. This is why there is a large drum, as well as the standard energy clip. This allows the user to add a quick two shots into his weapon, just as easy as we would with any other gun. The energy is drawn from the drum first, and then pulled from the clip after each shot. If the drum is emptied of power, the entire drum must be replaced with a fully powered one. The other major problem is its size. The weapon had to be large in order to be able to produce the discharge, but it is not so large that it can not be handled. It has been balanced, and configured with a side handle to help control it. Sence there is no "kick-back" the person does not need a great strength to use it.

Range: 250 ft.
Damage: None to people, but will disable all electronics, as well as Robots, Vehicles, and Bionics. (See Special).
Ammo: 8 rounds per Clip Set. 2 Clips, one special E-Drum; 6, and a Standard Laser Rifle Clip; 2 (Normally 24 but the energy drain from the weapon is so great).
Game Terms:
Special: When the weapon hits its target, the electrical systems are shorted. When dealing with computers, hightech energy weapons, or any real kind of small electrical device, it will always shut them down. But when dealing with Robots or larger targets the opposing target must make a special save. There is a starting 70% chance of the electrical system overloading and causing a shut down. Each additional hit after the first adds a +10% to total. The number will fall by 5% every melee the target isn't hit. One the number reaches 100% the target will shut down. Unless the target has some kind of backup power supply, it will be shut down until some serious reworking is done. When dealing with solar power, it will take up to 10 to 15 minutes for the solar batteries to recharge.

Game Note: Skill needed for gun is W.P. Energy Rifle. Gun is oddly shaped, and hard to aim, but sence there is such a spred when the weapon does fire, the user gets a +2 to strike with the weapon. (The bonus to strike the total after the penalties to stike) Reloading the E-Drum takes up to 15 seconds to do. (One Melee).

When dealing with Robots or Bionics different systems will fail each time the target saves, vehicles on the other hand will also have smaller systems fail, but they will not be as noticeable, unless it is a special vehicle like with the Hardware: Mechanical, use chat below.

System Failure Table for Robotic and Bionics implants. (Optional)
Note: If you roll an option that doesn't fit, or a system that is already disabled, roll again.
01-20 Optic Systems: Victim loses 1d4 optic systems. The victim is blind unless he can use his real vision or some other optic system remains.
21-40 Audio System: Victim loses 1d4 Audio Systems. The victim is deaf unless he can use his real hearing or some other audio system remains.
41-60 Sensor and CPU systems: Victim loses 1d4 Sensor Systems, and the main CPU loses memory. Victim looses half there Primary and all there secondary skills, and half there attacks. (for robots). Bionic victims are momentarily stunned and loses half their attacks for two melees.
61-70 Weapon Systems: Victim loses one built in Weapon System.
71-80 Legs: Victim's legs lock into place, or locomotion system fails (Given if victim was flying, or has treads or wheels and not legs).
81-96 Arms: One of the Victim's Arms locks/goes limp and will no longer function in anyway.
97-00 Miscellaneous Systems fail: Victim loses 1d4 miscellaneous systems, from Secret Compartments suddenly open and will not close, Self-Destruct system goes off line, Escape Capsule ejects, Floatation Device activate, Bionic Lungs stop functioning, Voice Synthesizer goes off line, Loudspeaker is stuck on if off, off if on, ect. (GM's Choice)
NOTE: Roll for each Shot taken.

Victims must make a save vs. Non-Lethal poison or suffer from the following chart.

Side-Effect Table for Robots or Bionics:
01-20 Momentarily Stunned: Victim loses one attack that melee (or one the following melee if he has no attacks left that melee).
21-40 Stunned and knocked down: Victim is knocked to the ground by the blast; loses two melee attacks, loses initiative, and is -1 to strike for one melee round.
41-60 Severely stunned and knocked down: Victim is in terrible pain and is knocked to the ground by the blast, loses all melee attacks/actions for one full melee and is -2 to strike, parry and dodge for the melee.
61-80 Momentarily knocked unconscious: The shock to the nervous/electrical system temporarily renders the victim unconscious for 1d4 melees (15 to 60 seconds). While unconscious the victim can not move, think or plan, nor is he aware of events happening around him. The unconscious individual is completely helpless and open to attack. He may appear dead to his attacker.
81-96 Knocked unconscious: The victim is knocked of for 1d6 minutes. While unconscious the character can not move, think or plan, nor is he aware of events happening around him. The unconscious victim is completely helpless and open to attack.
97-00 Momentarily Stunned: Victim loses one attack that melee (or one the following melee if he has no attacks left that melee).
NOTE: Roll for each Shot taken.