The Average Engineer

First Appearance: Crash Landing
Alignment: Most are evil or selfish.
Hit Points: P.E. plus 2d6 per level, S.D.C. 1d4x5 plus that gained from skills.
Weight: 100 plus 1d4x10+5 lb., Height: 5 ft. plus 6d6 inches
Average Life Span: 80 years
Attributes: I.Q. 3d6+4, M.E. 3d6, M.A. 2d6, P.S. 3d6, P.P. 3d6, P.E. 3d6+2, P.B. 3d6, Spd. 6d6 (x2 swimming)
Disposition: They are a calculated, and intelligent, they live knowing that they are the lowest of their race, but also one of the most important to the function of their way of life.
Super Power Category: Hardware. Less then 4% are psionic. There are no real mutants, because of the governments genetic breeding.
Natural Abilities: Nightvision 300 ft, swimming 88%, and can hold their breath for 3d4 minutes.
Special Weapons & Vehicles of Note: They are issued Laser Pistols, and a Laser Torch that can be used as a weapon. Most engineers are not given any other weapons, because they are not in the front line, but they are expected to fight to the death if it is needed. They are given no real vehicles, but are responsible to make sure that on any given assignment any vehicle or equipment is running correctly.
Body Armor: Normally none, but can use light special nonmagnetic armor when needed, SDC: 80 AR: 14.
Familiarity with Earth: The average engineer knows little about the life on Earth. They know only what their leaders tell them. Most never really see the Earth outside of the base at which they are stationed. What the average engineer knows is that the Earth is far behind that of them, and is almost totally unaware that they even exist.
Appearance: Colors range from light to dark green, with some having dark black spots. (See Image) 1