Sollreotin Empire

The Sollreotin Empire (pronounced Soul-re-o-ton) are a race of highly evolved frog like people. There home, Sollreo, is a large swamp-like planet. Most of the planet's surface is covered in marshes, bogs, and other wet lands. The planet is very humid, and it rains on the planet most of the time. There isn't any spot on the planet where it is not raining at some time. The planet only really has one session, wet. It orbits its sun at about the same distance at almost all times. There are four moons that orbit their planet. There is only one other planet in their system, but it is so close to the sun, that it is a hot baron, rock planet.

The Sollreotin Empire is a war like race. There history is filled with the constant conflicted between the Sollreotin Empire, and the other race on there planet, the Quadican (pronounced Qad-ik-on) who are a fish like race, who live both on land and on water, but have developed a set of lungs and gills. At about the time the Sollreotin Empire was in its industrial revolution stage of development, they where contacted by a race called Philadecion (pronounced fila-dec-e-on) who are a plant like race. Their race, at the time, had developed space travel at a very early time. They where out exploring the galaxy, looking for planets to colonize, when they found the Sollreotin's home world. They first made contact with the Sollreotin. The Philadecions saw a great opportunity here, and agree to help them fight their war with the Quadicans. With the Philadecion's help, the war lasted only a few months and almost the entire race of Quadicans were wiped out.

The Sollreotin Empire now had complete control of their planet, but they owed a great deal to the Philadecions. The Philadecions gave them something more that they wanted, war. The bargain was this, if the Sollreotin agree to be the solders, and troops for the Philadecions, then they would agree to help bring their planet to a new age of greatness. The Philadecions also brought then Sollreotin Empire something more, an addiction to Crystal Rose. Many of the planets population became addicted to the drug rather quickly, and one way for the government to ensure that they planet got its supply, as well as a way to keep its people happy, was to sign the packed with the Philadecions. Very few people even resisted the idea; most people longed for more war, more blood shed, and the possibility for more conquest.

As with all cultures there are those that do not have the same views as those of the government. People that would stand up, or speak agents, or even try to stop the government from dealing with the Philadecions, would be the first to be sent off to fight, or would quickly become addicts of Crystal Rose. They would just become another good, quite member of society.

Most members of the Sollreotin race are warriors, but there are some that are more adept as engineers or even medical. The majority of the race is female, and they are just as deadly fighters as are the males. Like all amphibians they lay their eggs out side of their bodies. Sense they are so evolved, the only have one egg, which is placed, in a special birthing chamber, and it watched over by government. Each child, before it is born, is determined where its place in life will be. If its parents where great warriors, then it too will be a fighter. If its parents are scientist or engineers, then that is what it will be. The idea of family for them is not at all like ours. The men and women are kept separate. Only scientist or people doing research have been aloud to mix the sexes. When it is time for a female to have an egg, she is brought to a government birthing complex, and paired with a male that would give the best, and most desired results in the offspring. The child is then brought up, and trained by the government. Even scientist and engineers are given combat training, but not nearly as must as the solders.

The overall technical level of the Sollreotin Empire is far from Earth's, but it is still lower then the Philadecion's. The Sollreotin have not developed space travel on there own, and rely totally on the Philadecion's. They have developed some great advances in energy weapons, and means of war sense their contact with the Philadecion. A Sollreotin engineer is responsible for maintaining the ship as well as being able to repair any number of the Philadecion equipment that they bring along.

The Philadecions and the Sollreotin Empire get a long very well, because each has something the other wants, and they both share a common bond, the acquiring of power. The Philadecion's want this power through money, and the control of people. The Sollreotin seek their power through the conquest of other worlds, and the destruction of there enemies. Together they have become a great power, and pose a great threat to the life on Earth. 1