Gloop Gun

The SN-36G or Gloop Gun as it has been called, is a small signal man weapon. The idea behind this weapon came from the fact that some of the people the agents have had to fight are unaffected by the cold pack, and still require capture. The weapon fires a ball or glob of a strong adhesive material at the target, casing an arm, leg or hand in a very sticky substance. The ball that is fired at the target is a little larger then a basket ball.

Once a target has an arm or hand trapped in the gloop, it will remain there until the proper dissolving fluid can be applied. The gloop is very strong, and it is almost impossible to become free of it if both arms are trapped. Anyone else touching the gloop will also become stuck to it, and the more they struggle the more they will be trapped. Once a target is hit with the gloop ball, he/she will become stuck to any surface they come into contact with. If a hand is struck, anything the person is holding will also become stuck. If it was a gun or other device with moving parts it will become useless.

The weapon itself looks like an over sized air gun, or paintball gun. The body of the weapon is smooth, and has a cylinder look to it. There is a large tank in the back, and a smaller one near the front. Because the gloop is contained under such pressure it is important to have this second smaller tank as an expansion chamber. The nose of the weapon has a total of six slits or holes cut into it, each about an inch long. These slits are where the gloop projects out from.

Damage: 2 points from impact.
Range: 45 ft
Area of Effect: 2 feet
Duration: 6 + 1d4 Hours
Ammo: 10 shots. The tank must be recharged using special equipment.
Saving Throw: None; but the target can try to dodge.
Special: Each time the target is hit, a sense of balance roll must be made, or the target will stumble, and fall, becoming stuck. If a leg is hit, the person might still lose their balance, but they could still be able to try and stand. If the person does not fall, and they continue to try and get away, the gloop is very heavy, fifty pounds, and will slow them down, reduce Spd and PP by 4, per hit, also -4 to strike, dodge, and parry because they have to concentrate on not letting the gloop touch anything. Flying targets have the same problem, but they are not as effected, because as long as they stay in the air they will be fine. In effect each time the target is hit it is like adding fifty pounds to that person, so even if a person was strong enough to break free, (PS check must be made, the gloop has a PS of 80), they would begin to slow down. Hitting a target in the head might cause that person to black out from the impact, but then they will suffocate in one minute per PE point, because they can not breath. The only way to save them is to remove the gloop. (See Removal).

Removal: The gloop is removed using a special solvent. It can be used to remove just small section, like the hands, or feet. The solvent can also be used to coat armor to protect the user from the gloop itself. The gloop has a SDC of 50 per shot, but the gloop takes no damage from kinetic attack, (They become stuck in the gloop). Energy attacks will do damage to the gloop but only at one fourth normal damage, and even then the extra damage passes threw to the person on the inside. Acid can be used to burn threw the gloop, but there is always the problem with the acid burning the target as well.

Gloop Grenade

The grenade version is smaller and easier to use, as well as handy. With its better range and area of effect, it is just as effect on a group of people as a vehicle.
Game Terms:
Damage: None
Blast Radius: 10 ft
Special: Same as above, with the following exceptions, because this is a grenade, the gloop will spread out more, and will always hit the ground, as well as its target, and other things around. But because it is a larger area, and not concentrated on one person, its not as strong a hold. (PS of gloop is 65). The weight is the same, but it covers a larger area.

Removal: Same as above.

GM Note: Alternate names; Booger Blaster, Loogy Launcher, and Phlegm Flinger. There could be more, but that's what we came up with. 1